Online Bachelor's Degrees in Nutrition: Essential For Your Career

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Jobs Involving Nutrition

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides the best information on potential nutrition jobs. According to their statistics, most dietitians and nutritionists work in hospitals, doctors’ offices or nursing homes, where they are responsible for planning healthy meals and menus for their patients. Many dietitians and nutritionists also open their own offices, where they counsel people on nutrition, healthy eating and dieting.

If you want to be a nutritionist or dietitian, you will have to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nutrition or a related area – at a minimum. Some people may even need to obtain a master’s degree in a nutrition-related area, and most will need to get a license or certification, depending on their state’s requirements.

Job Potential

So is it worth it to go back to school and get an online bachelor’s degree in nutrition? If you want to be a nutritionist - absolutely. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs in this field will increase 9 percent by 2016, especially for dietitians and nutritionists with advanced training. To get your foot in the door, a bachelor’s degree is essential.

The median salary for a dietitian or nutritionist is $46,980. Considering how affordable many online degree programs are becoming, your online bachelor’s degree will be a good investment toward a higher salary.

Personal Growth

Not only will an online bachelor’s degree in nutrition help your future job prospects, but it could also help you commit to a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the course of your studies, you will learn how to balance calorie intake, how to obtain adequate levels of vitamins and minerals, and how to plan healthy meals. Since so many Americans struggle with weight and nutrition, this knowledge can help you and your family live a healthy lifestyle.

Throughout your online bachelor’s program, you will also take courses beyond nutrition in areas like business management, math, economics and science. These courses will make you a more well-rounded individual, and help increase your attractiveness to potential employers.

Where to Find an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition

Fortunately for potential nutritionists, there are a number of accredited online programs that provide a bachelor’s degree in nutrition. Kaplan University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Sciences, with courses in anatomy, nutritional biochemistry and food safety. Penn Foster Career School also offers an online bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences.

When looking into any online program. the most important question to ask is will this bachelor degree give me registration eligibility to take the National Registration Examination to become a Registered Dietian.