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Pharmaceutical chemistry is a field that focuses on applying the study of chemistry to the study of clinically and biologically active substances, pharmacological and biological interactions, and developing associated techniques, research methods, and clinical trial procedures. Those pursuing a Master of science in pharmaceutical chemistry online are preparing themselves for a career as a scientist in this field.

Required Courses

The required courses associated with this degree are science-intensive. Students will take a variety of courses, such as organic chemistry, molecular graphics, toxicology, pharmacology, receptor theory, drug metabolism, biological mechanisms of drug action, laboratory safety, biochemistry, rational drug design, molecular biology, enzyme mechanisms, neurochemistry, drug synthesis, and research tools and techniques.

Average Completion Time

How long it takes a student to complete a Master’s degree ultimately depends on the school they choose. For the most part, it takes longer to complete a degree when attending part-time and faster when attending full-time. Most student complete their Master’s degree in two to four years.

Top Online Schools

The University of Florida offers a Master of science in pharmaceutical chemistry online. Students must already possess an accredited Bachelor’s degree and have satisfactory GRE scores. Students will pay $460 per credit hour. Additional fees may also be necessary, as well as the cost of textbooks and other necessary school supplies.

Saint Joseph College offers a Master of science in chemistry and students can concentrate in medicinal chemistry. This program is part-time and students can take their courses online. To be admitted into the program students must have a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a related field, a sealed official undergraduate transcript, two letter of recommendation, and there may be other requirements. Those pursuing this degree will pay $630 per credit and a comprehensive student fee of $30 per each credit hour enrolled. Books, supplies, and other fees are also necessary.

Possible Careers

Those who possess a degree in pharmaceutical chemistry put themselves in a position for a variety of career opportunities. They can do just about everything from teaching to working in drug development to assisting in other areas of chemistry and the sciences. Some possible career paths may include chemistry teacher, organic chemist, theoretical chemist, analytical chemist, pharmaceutical chemist, and macromolecular chemist.

Career Outlook and Salary

The career outlook for those possessing a degree in this field is somewhat mixed due to government health care reform regulations and the ever-changing economy. While there is not an excess of jobs, there are job available, with many being non-laboratory chemistry positions, though not many in academics. It is believed by many in this field that the current decrease in jobs is just temporary and that the employment forecast will improve in the coming years. Chemists earn an annual salary of about $56,060.

Benefits of Earning this Degree Online

Earning this degree online lets students study wherever they choose, whenever they have time to do so. It offers far more flexibility than a traditional brick and mortar college or university. Students can keep up with current responsibilities as they earn this degree. As of now, the number of available jobs is expected to increase in the future.


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