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Preparation for College Chemistry: Suggested Classes and Reading

written by: Terry Caron•edited by: Elizabeth Wistrom•updated: 7/5/2011

What should students do in preparation for college chemistry? If you plan on taking courses in chemistry or are majoring in a field that requires chemistry, we show you some tips in prep for college chemistry.

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    High School Chemistry

    If you’re in high school and you know that you will be taking chemistry in college then there are some great ways to prep for college chemistry. One of the first things that should be considered is whether or not your high school has chemistry classes available for you to take. This is an excellent way to get a good background and learn the basics of chemistry. This will be a good stepping stone in preparation for college chemistry classes.

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    Math, Algebra and Geometry

    Another class or series of classes to take in prep for college chemistry while still in high school is advanced math classes. College chemistry and chemistry in general deals with mathematical concepts like ratios and proportions, units, dimensions, fractions, even percents. All of these concepts are best learned from advance math, algebra, and geometry classes while in high school. Take advantage of these opportunities while they are there.

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    AP Chemistry Study Guides

    If you are not in high school or are looking for other ways to prepare for college chemistry then the chemistry advanced placement books may be worthy of a look. Colleges have many advanced placement tests available for students that do not wish to start out at the ground level. There are a number of advanced placement (AP) chemistry study guides available and are great resources for preparation. These AP Chemistry guides prepare you for taking the placement exams and develop a good understanding of the principles and concepts of chemistry in general. The AP Chemistry guides will provide information on concepts such as chemical reactions, chemical bonding and even physical principles discussed in chemistry. Along with practice exams and information on other resources the AP Chemistry guides are a great resource when preparing for college chemistry.

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    The Books with the Yellow and Black Cover

    If you have not read one of these books then you should. They are the yellow and black colored books in almost any bookstore and stand out among the others. These are invaluable resources for preparing for almost any subject, concept, or even a do it yourself project. The yellow and black covered chemistry book will break down the concepts of chemistry in simple to understand formats. They will start with the basics and advance up the level of knowledge from there. These books are a great way for someone to develop an understanding of chemistry, especially those who are intimidated of the concepts in chemistry but have to take it anyway. These resources will not make you a chemistry genius but provide a great introduction and are worthy of pursuing in prep for college chemistry courses. Give these a try.

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    Your Local Library

    Local libraries have books on virtually every topic or concept one can imagine. Many libraries now have online resources making them even easier to use or search for books on specific subject areas. The best thing about many of the resources at local libraries is that they are free. You can even find some of the resources listed in this article at a library which will already be saving you money. Look into the local library for help in college chemistry prep.

    There are a number of learning resources for college chemistry and other courses. These resources should help you in preparation for college chemistry and may even lead to other prep resources.