What to Get For a Police Officer Graduate Gift

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Graduation gifts can be anything from humorous to practical and all points in between. With regards to the police officer graduate gift we will cover two popular topics, the practical and then the humorous. Starting with the practical gift ideas here are some gift ideas for your new police officer graduate.

There are a number of online retailers who specialize in gifts for police officers and these locations have some great gifts. A specialty mug would be a great gift idea that is actually practical but can also be humorous at the same time. Mugs with saying like, “Here is my coffee, where are the donuts” can be humorous for some and yet practical at the same time.

Practical Gift Ideas

New graduates will probably need a lot of misc items for their squad car or as part of their personal supplies and equipment list. Here are some items that will definitely be appreciated and come in handy for new police officer graduates.

1. Long handled metal flashlight, black in color. Something like a mag-lite is used by many officers in the police force and will definitely be handy. Stay away from colors and stick with basic black. Not only do these match the uniform but are also more practical in use.

2. First aid equipment like gauze pads, bandages and portable kits will be useful for them to carry in their squad cars or motorcycles.

3. Plastic or metal clipboards with storage compartments are also good because they can write on them and store paperwork. Have you ever watched a police officer on TV writing on a small notepad? That has to be hard and reading their notes afterwards would be difficult to say the least. Save their hands and eyes and get them a clipboard.

Novelty and Light Hearted Gift Ideas

And now for something a bit more entertaining. Here is a list of police officer graduate gifts that are a little more novelty in nature and humorous. A good sense of humor is always welcomed in any profession and the police force is no different. There is a time to be serious but there is also a need for humor in this stressful position. Here are some other gift ideas.

1. T-shirts with poignant or funny sayings. T-shirts are a great gift idea and they can fall into both categories from the practical to the humorous. Plain white or dark blue t-shirts can be useful for new police officers as a comfortable part of their uniform. There are also a vast number of retailers that offer t-shirts with logos or sayings from the pre-printed style to the customized.

2. Key chains and lapel pins are a popular gift item. Key chains and lapel pins come in a variety of styles from hand-cuffs (not a surprise here) to the scales of justice styles. These are great gifts for the new graduate and can be offered in combination with others like t-shirts for the entire care-package deal.

3. Magazines that specialize in police force news, training, advice and tips are an indispensable form of knowledge and a great gift idea. There are a number of specialty magazines for police force members that provide them with up to date tips on tactics, weapons, and self-defense just to name a few. Get your new graduate a magazine subscription and give them a gift that continues to give.

Hopefully these gift ideas will make your shopping a little easier and productive for your new graduate. Be sure to check out other articles for some great gift ideas for other occasions.

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