List of Websites for Electronic Career Portfolios

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Websites for electronic career portfolios enable college students to keep their letters of reference, award certificates, transcripts, and work samples in one place. Writers, photographers, web designers, videographers, and artists especially need to develop an online portfolio so they can quickly share their collection of credentials with potential employers and internship providers. Using websites for electronic career portfolios will likely be essential throughout any artist or writer’s career even after their college days have long ended.


Your college may already have its own membership to online portfolio websites and is able to provide you with your own account. If such services aren’t clearly noted on the website, you can ask your adviser or a favorite professor for assistance. As of 2010, a number of colleges throughout the United States offer online portfolio programs for their students. A few such educational institutions are the University of Pennsylvania, the New York City Technical College, Florida State University, and the University of Michigan.


Carbonmade offers students and professionals alike two choices for an online portfolio. As of 2010, anyone can sign up for a free account that allows them to display up to five projects. If you’re a digital or print artist or write, you may want to add the $12 a month cost to your personal spending plan; this nominal fee enables you to create up to fifty electronic career portfolios for your projects.

A nice bonus for the Carbonmade online portfolio user is that the company posts the best 260 portfolios; as of 2010 these selections are made from a community of more than 200,000 users. This enables you to gain potential exposure to potential fans, friends, and maybe even network with a future employer or client.

Carbonmade is also a colorful site which makes the potential drudgery of uploading your files fun. The website is user-friendly even to those who would rather make a student loan payment than do actual web design; putting together one or more online portfolios should be a snap through Carbonmade.


Figdig is an entirely free choice among the existing websites for electronic career portfolios. Like Carbonmade, no HTML experience is needed to create an online portfolio. While the community is geared toward professional illustrators, video directors, graphic designers, and photographers, any student should be able to at least create their own online portfolio.

Figdig has a number of options that websites like Carbonmade or those electronic career portfolio programs purchased by colleges usually don’t offer. You can place high-definition work online and also create PDF leave behinds to take to your in-person job and internship interviews. The business team also elects one member each month to the website’s Hall of Fame. Such honors might not come with cash awards, but they could place your online portfolio into the visual sphere of someone who can help you get ahead in your career during or after college.

Thus, finding websites for electronic career portfolios can be easy and will definitely help you in your future career.