The 3 Best LCD Monitors for PC Gamers and The Best Choice for a Budget

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Welcome back PC Hardware aficionados - time for another edition of “Building the Perfect Gamer PC”. This time, we’ll be analyzing what the best PC gaming monitors are and how this purchase will affect the overall design of your rig. Keep in mind that these monitors were selected looking for the best response time and the best screen size. Let’s get to the rankings:

1. Samsung XL30

Welcome to the purchase you won’t be able to justify unless you work exclusively for a photo design company. This 30 pound, 30", 6 ms beast weighs in at a price tag that will send shivers down even the richest person’s spine, at $4000. Too much, you say? Not for the people who have picked up this monitor. On the flip side, if you’re looking for a monitor that can pull double duty as a PC and a TV, you will need to find a different monitor - as this one is exclusively for the DVI-D connection found on PC video cards. The XL30 is the definition of a purchase you will never need to make, but as a PC monitor, for the size and the response time, it simply cannot be beaten.

2. Samsung 2253BW

Now we’re talking. As opposed to the XL30, the 2253BW provides an optimal gamer experience at a price that is just right. For your $270, you get a response time that deserves to be called “legendary”. A monitor with a 2 ms response time is better than any CRT response you’ll find out there. Also, Samsung is a brand of monitor that you can trust for years to come. Kick back and enjoy the native 1680 x 1050 resolution. Test this monitor out using Bioshock on high settings - I guarantee you will be blown away by what you see.

3. Viewsonic VG2230wm

Viewsonic is probably the most trusted brand of PC gaming monitor. Mostly because they produce a quality product at an amazing price. While this monitor costs more than the Samsung, the Viewsonic brand counts a lot for the extra $20 you’ll spend. These monitors offer amazing color ranges, true black colors, and quality craftsmanship that I have not found anywhere else. The monitor also runs a 1680 x 1050 resolution and offers the DVI-D connection for the modern video cards as previously mentioned.

Now for the most interesting one of all - the budget monitor:

Hanns-G HW-191DPB

Hanns-G isn’t what you’d call a name brand, but they produce an excellent monitor. While I had the good fortune to pick up a Viewsonic Q20wb for about $50 off MSRP, for the budget-conscious gamer, you’ll be getting the same great experience of a much better monitor at only $150. The Hanns-G monitor loses a little in the resolution department, dropping to 1440 x 900, but it still retains the 5 ms response time of its much more costly brothers.

That does it for monitors. Join me next time when we look at the best computer mice (or is it mouses?).

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