Bright Hub Provides Sample PowerPoint Presentations and Free Templates for Download

Bright Hub Provides Sample PowerPoint Presentations and Free Templates for Download
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Whether you have spent many hours making PowerPoint presentations, and want to learn a new technique, or you’ve just started working on your first presentation and want some guidance, the PowerPoint presentations here will help you do your best work.

At Bright Hub you can find sample PowerPoint presentations to download for you to study and adapt, covering a wide variety of purposes. There are tutorials on how to create specific effects in your PowerPoint presentations, so you can tailor these templates to be

exactly what you need.

As well, Bright Hub has a number of resources for you to find templates online, from Microsoft and other sites. In Microsoft Office 2007, there are some PowerPoint templates included, and many more online at Microsoft. In this article, you can learn about downloading Microsoft Office Online PowerPoint templates.

Image from Microsoft Office Online templates for PowerPoint presentations

Learn by doing

Sometimes the easiest way to learn something is to see how someone else did it. By studying a PowerPoint presentation template, and adapting it to suit your needs, you not only get what you need, you learn in the process how to do what you wanted.

PowerPoint presentations are a very effective method of conveying information. Depending on the type of information you want to show, templates can be a great asset, and give you a head start in actually getting the information available in professional format for others to see.

Customize sample presentations

Once you have a sample presentation in mind, you can modify it to suit your purposes. By customizing the sample presentation, it provides the information you want, and you have made something new from the sample. For help in finding some Great PowerPoint Presentation Samples look through the ones that Meryl Evans found for you.

PowerPoint presentations are used in a variety of different fields, from research, year-end summaries for businesses, and proposals for funding, teaching classes and even telling stories. The common theme is conveying information. With PowerPoint presentations, you can use a variety of mediums. Whether you want to incorporate music, slides, animations, text that becomes underlined as you discuss it, or graphs that show progress as you talk, Bright Hub has tutorials to help you adapt your PowerPoint presentations.

Multimedia PowerPoint presentations

For help on adding music to your PowerPoint presentation, read this article. Screenshots help walk you through the steps of this tutorial. Music can sooth the savage beast, your teacher, or your boss – if you have the facts on hand in your presentation to back up your ideas. In this four part series, animations and sound are also a way to focus the attention of your audience, making this more than a slideshow. Animate either the beginning or the end of your presentation with the directions here.

July 4th is coming, but patriotic backgrounds can be appropriate for any number of presentations. Backgrounds can do a lot to set the mood for your presentation, whether they are themed for a holiday or your business.

Business- a classic PowerPoint use

Do you want to show your management how your latest project is progressing? You can embed charts into your PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint Gantt chart

presentation from Excel spreadsheets, and this tutorial gives step by step directions, along with help if you need troubleshooting with the inserting.

Eric Stallworth also provides you with a sample Gantt Chart created using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

Image from Eric Stallworth’s sample PowerPoint Presentation Gantt chart


PowerPoint presentations can be used in classes, both by students and teachers. Educators can use PowerPoint presentations to teach their students. Do you want to go over the structure and themes in Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men? This introductory PowerPoint lesson is ready to give to your class, and can provide a template for you to teach other works of literature.

Educators can also turn the table on their students. Ask groups of students to put together a PowerPoint presentation for a class project. Teaching fellow students is a good way to make certain they know the material themselves. PowerPoint presentations are a much updated type of class report – and an ability to make PowerPoint presentations will be useful for them in the future.

Even more PowerPoint resources

Remember that however you dress up your presentation; the facts and information are the heart of everything you do. What a PowerPoint presentation gives is a way for you to draw attention to the importance of your ideas.

In the PowerPoint topic in the Windows channel here at Bright Hub, there are many other PowerPoint templates and guides. Looking through these may inspire you to new creativity in your presentations. One final resource for you is this article on a Collection of PowerPoint Tips and Tutorials found at Bright Hub.

If there are areas where you’d like to learn more, or have something explained further, leave a comment and we’ll see if we can find out more information for you.