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  • PowerPoint 2013: Copying Images and the Aspect Ratio

    Copying slides and images in PowerPoint 2013 isn’t difficult, but there are a few things to be aware of to ensure your images retain their quality – especially when copying slides from different presentations.
    By Ryan Tetzlaff January 29, 2014 

  • Working With Add-Ins in PowerPoint 2013

    Add-ins allow you to expand the core functionality of products like PowerPoint with new features. What are some tips for installing and working with these little extras and what are some of the popular add-ins for PowerPoint 2013? Read on to find...
    By Ryan Tetzlaff January 29, 2014 

  • Troubleshooting PowerPoint 2013: Solutions to Common Errors

    Although Microsoft Office applications are generally pretty stable, there’s always the chance you may run into some issues with applications like PowerPoint. Has the application crashed or given you errors when opening a file? Check out these...
    By Ryan Tetzlaff December 28, 2013 

  • Opening a PowerPoint 2013 File in Older Versions

    With new versions of Office come the possibility of new incompatibility issues. This article will cover some things you can do as a content creator to increase the chances of your audience being able to read your presentation.
    By Ryan Tetzlaff December 28, 2013 

  • PowerPoint 2013: How to Embed Audio

    In this guide to embedding audio into your PowerPoint 2013 presentation, learn how to optimize for compatibility and avoid unwanted issues.
    By Ryan Tetzlaff December 28, 2013 

  • PowerPoint 2013: New and Discontinued Features

    With every new version of Microsoft Office, new features are introduced while some features inevitably are quietly whisked away with little fanfare. This article will discuss some of the major new features as well as the discontinued or changed features...
    By Ryan Tetzlaff December 22, 2013 

  • Play Jeopardy With PowerPoint 2013

    Jeopardy is a great ice breaker to play with larger groups of people. Learn how easy it is to make your own Jeopardy game board in PowerPoint 2013, and use the game to loosen the mood at a staff meeting or company event.
    By Ryan Tetzlaff December 22, 2013 

  • Creating a Storyboard with PowerPoint 2013

    In order to create a storyboard with PowerPoint you will have to have installed Visual Studio 2013 Premium, Ultimate or Team Foundation. Then you can use a new tab on your PowerPoint menu called Storyboarding. Learn how to get started using this new tab...
    By Ryan Tetzlaff November 1, 2013 

  • PowerPoint 2013: How to Save as Video & Share

    PowerPoint 2013 has some great options for allowing you to share your presentation with others who aren’t able to attend a live presentation. This article will show you how to save your presentation as a video that can be stored on DVD as well as...
    By Ryan Tetzlaff October 28, 2013 

  • Creating an Organizational Chart in PowerPoint 2013

    If you have the need to display a reporting structure within your organization you can easily create an Organizational chart using PowerPoint 2013. This article will show you how!
    By Ryan Tetzlaff October 23, 2013 
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