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Internet Explorer Script Error - An Overview

Internet Explorer script error can be very frustrating. Imagine you go through a series of searches to find the page containing information you need. Suddenly, an Internet Explorer script error appears saying An Error Has Occurred in the Script on this Page and needs to close. The whole IE window closes and sometimes, if you are lucky, it restarts with the same page. If you did not bookmark the page, and IE fails to reload the page after the Internet Explorer script error, your entire time and effort is wasted.

The following paragraphs take you through a series of troubleshooting steps to fix IE script error problems.

Internet Explorer Script Error - How to Fix IE8 Script Error Problem

[A] The most common cause for the Internet Explorer script error is a corrupt registry. You may try a System Restore to a point when you were not facing this problem. To do this, boot into safe mode. Select a restore point before the day from when the Internet Explorer script error problem surfaced. Click Next and let System Restore continue. In most cases, this should fix the problem. If the problem persists, you need to clean the registry.

[B] To fix the IE8 script error problem, you need a good registry cleaner. There are several registry cleaning software (both paid and free) available on the Internet. Boot Windows normally. Do NOT open any applications before cleaning the registry. Create a backup of the entire registry before cleaning the Windows registry. Run the registry cleaner to fix the registry. After the cleaning, restart and try using Internet Explorer. If you can continue browsing normally without getting the Internet Explorer Script Error, you fixed the IE8 script error problem. If Internet Explorer still says that an error has occurred in the script on this page, you need to check your computer for viruses.

[C] I recommend an online antivirus scan because if your antivirus was able to detect the virus, there would not have been any problems. You can use the Microsoft online AntiVirus scan. If the scan results show a virus and remove that virus, chances are your IE problem is fixed. Reboot and use Internet Explorer. If it works fine, you successfully fixed the problem. If the script error occurs again, you may have to go for advanced troubleshooting wherein you need to reregister Internet Explorer components.

[D] How to fix IE8 Script Error problem by reregistering Internet Explorer problems:

1 Click on the Start menu and select Run.

2. Type CMD in the Run box to get the Command Window.

3. Type each of the following filenames preceded with RegSvr32 (example RegSvr32Initpki.dll) and hit enter for each.











4. For each of the above commands you enter, you should get a message saying re-registration was successful. After reregistering all above files, reboot. Try to use Internet Explorer. This should fix the IE8 script error problem. If Internet Explorer still reports a script error, the problem is still there. The final resort is to reinstall Internet Explorer.

5. If you are using Windows XP, please use this Bright Hub article to reinstall Internet Explorer. For Windows Vista and Windows 7, use this Bright Hub article. The reinstall should fix the Internet Explorer script error problem.

If you still get the message saying An Error has occurred in the Script on this Page, there could be something wrong with the operating system. You may consult a local technician or perform a clean reinstall of the operating system to get a fresh registry.

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