How to Fix IE8 Redirect and Search Redirect Problems

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Some IE8 redirect problems are valid. For example: you type in a URL ending with “.net” and the IE8 says you are being redirected to the same URL ending with “.com”. These are valid Internet Explorer 8 redirects, initiated by the URL itself. In many cases, people buy several domains - net, com, info, and org (among the top). As buying a separate hosting space for each can be expensive (if each URL has to present the same data), people use URL redirects to send your Internet Explorer 8 to the main URL that is associated with the hosting server. Note that several registrars (eg: Godaddy) give you options available to show the same URL that you typed in: You never know you were redirected.

An Analogy of Legal IE8 Redirect: You type in the address bar only to see that the URL changes to something else such as Google redirects you to a different URL so that it can present you with area specific information. Still, it is really frustrating for many.

Websites’ Redirect Problem: If opening a particular website redirects your Internet Explorer 8 to another website, it is the website that is creating Internet Explorer redirect problem. There are several websites out there that try to promote their other websites or third party websites. The best example of such a website is pz10 dot com. Here the intentions are not bad though they are irritating enough. Again there are websites that redirect IE8 to sites containing malicious code. If your browser does not have safe settings, you are prone to malicious software in form of cookies, mostly Trojans. If sure, you can report such websites to Google so that it takes an appropriate action. The Fax number for reporting malicious websites creating IE8 redirect problems is (650) 618-2680.

IE8 Redirect Problems - Malware can be the Most Possible Cause

There is a malicious software application called the Google redirect virus. If your system is affected with this resident virus, you will be redirected most of the time. Each time you click on a favorite to reach a website, you get IE8 redirect problems - due to the Google redirect virus. I recommend a scan to know if your IE8 redirect problem is attributed to the Google redirect virus.

Not all antivirus applications can detect it. You may use Microsoft Security Essentials for regular use (it takes care of several specific types of spyware) or if you wish to go for a one time scan, you can use MS AV online scan. Once you have completed the scan and have found and removed the virus, I recommend you use the best maintenance software for Windows to avoid the problems in future.

IE8 Redirect Problems - Other Possible Problems

Sometimes the IE8 redirect problems are also caused by corrupt add-ons. To test this, right click on the Internet Explorer 8 icon and select Start without Add-ons.

If you can browse normally, it means the problem is some add-on. Start IE8 normally and disable all add-ons (Tools → Manage Add-ons). Enable them one by one to isolate the add-on that’s creating the problem. You can disable or remove that add-on to prevent future IE redirects.

If you still get redirect problems, I recommend you uninstall the Internet Explorer 8 and download the “Internet Explorer Optimized for Google”. This optimized version gives fewer troubles that include eliminating most IE8 redirect problems too.

Please note that the “optimized” versions of IE8 are not supported by Windows 7.

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