Finding Free PowerPoint Animation

Finding Free PowerPoint Animation
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PowerPoint Includes Some Animations

Before going on your search, it might be worth your while to see if PowerPoint has an animation that will work for your needs. To search the clip art movies that are included with your PowerPoint software, click on “Insert” and then “Movie.” Select the option “Movie from Clip Organizer” and do a search for the animation you are looking for. Once you find it, click on it. The wizard will insert it into your presentation. Now, click on the image. From here, you can resize it and position it by dragging and dropping it into position.

Free PowerPoint Animations on the Internet

If you are not a fan of the PowerPoint animations available to you through Microsoft (or if you couldn’t find the animation you were looking for) you may be able to find free animations on the internet. Before searching, decide what kind of animation you will need for your PowerPoint. For example, if your slide involves discussing creative ways of thinking, you may want to have an animation of an artist at work. If your slide discusses banks, perhaps an animated piggy bank is in store. Whatever your theme, you can find animations to accompany it - if you look.

Here is a brief list of some of the best free animations available on the internet:

PowerPoint Animation Tips

Inserting animations to PowerPoint once you have located them online isn’t too difficult a pursuit. The important thing to keep in mind when searching for your animations is that you must make sure the animation does not detract from the presentation by overpowering things. For example, if you are giving a serious presentation on healthcare, unless you require comedic relief, you would do well to steer away from animations that make a joke about healthcare. If you are giving a presentation for a class, try not to overdo things with humor. Too many funny and pun-dependent animations can cause your presentation to appear unprofessional.

Finally, you will want to be sure that any animations you insert into your presentation are not offensive (or borderline-offensive). To do this, think about a super-sensitive individual. If this person might be offended, you would do well to leave the animation out and select something less controversial. Nothing is worse than inadvertently offering a new client during a presentation.