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There is no doubt that Microsoft Word is the number one word processing application the world over. Word 2007 has eclipsed the word processing market by such a huge margin that when people think of word processing, they immediately think of MS Word.

As part of the Microsoft Office 2007 suite of productivity software, Word 2007 was specifically programmed to work seamlessly with other Office 2007 applications such as PowerPoint 2007 and Excel 2007. The result is a full-featured word processor that is more capable than ever to help teachers, students, and business people get more done in less time.

However, this capability comes with a price. Word 2007 is more complicated than ever and the introduction of the Office 2007 Ribbon does not help matters any when it comes to learning how to use the application. Read on to learn about the Top 5 free online Word 2007 tutorials to help you learn the application and avoid having to spend money on books or time sitting in a classroom.

#1 – Baycon Group Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorials – Free and Online

Among other free tutorials offered by this website, Baycon Group makes the top of the list for free, comprehensive, and easy-to-use Word 2007 tutorials. What’s most impressive with the site’s tutorials is its step-by-step approach coupled with numerous large screenshots of Word 2007 in action.

The Word 2007 tutorials on the Baycon Group website are organized into lessons that cover the basics throughout lesson one and progress to more advanced Word 2007 tutorials by lesson five. What makes these tutorials so great is that you don’t have to wade through dozens of lessons to find what you need. As of this writing, Baycon Group offers forty-nine tutorials split into five lessons. With these tutorials, you could truly avoid the cost of buying books or taking classes on using Word 2007 because the tutorials are that comprehensive.

The highlight of the site is the way Baycon Group labels its screenshots. Let’s be honest, the Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon is a complicated beast at first glance that even threw experienced Word users for a loop when Microsoft first introduced it in Office 2007. This website takes the mystery out of the Office 2007 Ribbon by labeling every click, drag, and keystroke just as you find it when you are using Word 2007 for yourself.

#2 – Microsoft Office Online Word 2007 Courses

Not actually offering tutorials per se, the publisher of Word 2007 offers one of the best resources on the web for learning how to use the latest version of the company’s word processor. Microsoft’s own Microsoft Office Online Word 2007 Courses cover everything from basic word processing to complicated mail merges with other applications such as Excel 2007.

What sets these courses apart from other tutorials is the completeness of the lessons. The videos found at the MS Office Online website are comprehensive to say the least. Most of these tutorials run 40 to 50 minutes in length and cover everything from the basics right up to the most advanced features of Word 2007.

The downside to these courses is their length. This is not the place to go when you need help with something small and just need to know where to click on the Office Ribbon to make something happen. These full-fledged courses could easily replace costly tuition fees at a local college. In fact, given that you can choose the lessons you want and access them in your free time, this website is far superior to taking courses or wading through hundreds of pages of a Word 2007 user’s manual.

#3 – Free Microsoft Word 2007 Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

Far from the comprehensiveness of the Office Online Word 2007 Courses discussed above,’s Free Microsoft Word 2007 Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials website offers quick advice when you need information immediately. This site offers brief tutorials with adequate screenshots and descriptions about how to get Word 2007 to do what you need it to do in a hurry.

Focusing more on tips and tricks,’s Word 2007 tutorials function more as a reference guide than a set of courses from which to learn the intricacies of the program. For example, tutorials are not set up from beginner to advanced lessons and do not cover everything you ever wanted to know about Word 2007. Your best bet is to search to find the right tutorial rather than looking at a list of available tutorials available at the site.

Still, these tutorials are easy to understand and are written in a non-technical manner, unlike some other free online Word 2007 tutorial alternatives. Of particular note is’s Time-Saving Tips section where you may be surprised to find some quick tips on how to use Word 2007 more efficiently. Check out this section of the site in your spare time to reduce the time you spend on repetitive tasks.

#4 – is an entire website dedicated to nothing but tutorials on using Word 2007. With such a narrowly defined focus, you can bet that these tutorials are not only accessible, but also complete and ready to use.

Unlike many other tutorial sites, Word 07 offers a laid-back approach to teaching about Word 2007 that is devoid of technical jargon and unnecessarily complicated explanations. This site serves not only as a place to learn about Word 2007, it serves as a great reference site as well. Not often are both aspects to learning software found at one tutorial site.

Most notable at is the publishers focus on the beginning Word 2007 user. Here, no assumptions are made and many of the quirks of the application are not lightly skipped over like they are at sites that are trying to sell you something at the same time they are trying to teach you to use the software. If you want an honest and comprehensive site to learn Word 2007 then may be for you.

#5 – Marrutt Software Training Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial

Although Marrutt Software is a website intent on selling you Word 2007 tutorials, the site does offer many free Word 2007 tutorials as sample lessons. These free lessons will not make you an expert in Word, but you may be surprised just how much you will learn from the easy-going style of these videos.

Marrutt Software Training sells “professionally created, self study video training” that is clearly aimed at those new to Word 2007 or those who may not have ventured beyond the word processor’s most basic functions. Assuming nothing about the knowledge of the user, these free tutorial samples will surprise you in their completeness and easy-to-follow approach to software learning.

Of particular note is the closed captioning available within each video giving the hearing impaired or just anyone the ability to read along if they find that method to learning a better way to engage with the lessons. Offering several options to the user, Marrutt Software Training’s approach to learning is sure to be a winner with many beginner and intermediate Word 2007 users.


The Top Five Free Online Word 2007 Tutorial Websites discussed in this article cover a lot of ground and many different approaches to learning Microsoft’s word processing application. The best effort has been made to provide five sites that approach Word 2007 tutorials in a significantly different way from one another. These sites can easily save you money by helping you avoid buying books or taking a course in using Word 2007. In fact, it is quite possible that after using the free Word 2007 tutorials found on this list, you can honestly say that you are an intermediate to advanced user of the application and that you are ready to apply your new knowledge at your job or in the classroom.

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