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Microsoft Office Excel 2007 - New Features

Results-Oriented Interface - Of course, one of the best new features of Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is its new results-oriented user interface. Similar to other Microsoft Office 2007 Application Suite, Excel 2007 now have its commands and features easier to find unlike before where these commands and controls are buried deep beneath in sub-menus. Excel 2007 toolbars are now organized more intuitively and task-oriented. Dialog boxes were replaced with drop-down galleries that show the options you can use under each gallery. Excel now provides you with the most useful tools to help you complete a task easily and successfully.

Themes and Styles - One of the best features of Excel 2007 that I really like are the different themes and styles that I can apply to my worksheet. In addition, mind you, applying these themes and styles are easily done. You can easily customize these themes and styles as well to suit your taste and needs. With these new themes and styles you can now quickly and easily format the data in your worksheet in a more enticing and interactive way.

Enhanced Tables - Microsoft Office Excel 2007 now lets you quickly create, format and expand Excel tables for organizing your worksheet data. Some of the new features of Excel 2007 tables include - turn on and off header rows, calculated columns that expand to include additional rows, auto filter, use custom formulas and text entries on rows, and table styles.

Pivot Tables - Pivot Tables in Excel 2007 are now easier to use than the older versions. You can now select the fields that you want to see in a new PivotTable field list. You can now also easily summarize, analyze and format PivotTable data.

New File Formats - Microsoft Office Excel 2007 now supports the Office Open XML formats . In addition, the default file format for Excel 2007 is now the XML-based file formats. It also now supports other XML-based formats including .xlsm, .xltx and .xltm. Binary file format and other formats used in earlier versions of Excel 2007 are also supported.

Conditional Formatting - Annotate your data visually through rich conditional formatting of Microsoft Office Excel 2007 . You can also implement and manage multiple conditional formatting rules such as gradient colors, data bars and icon sets.

Formula Writing - Microsoft Office Excel 2007 now lets you resize formula bars, quickly write formula syntax with the help of Function Auto Complete, use structured references for referencing named ranges and tables in formula, and organize, update, and manage multiple named ranges.

Sorting and Filtering - You can now arrange your worksheet data quickly to find the answers you need through improved sorting and filtering functionality. In addition, you can also filter data by color or by dates.

Worksheet Limits - Can you handle up to 1 million rows and 16 thousand columns per worksheet? Well, Microsoft Office Excel 2007 can. The worksheet can now provide you with 1,500% rows and 6,400% columns. The types of formatting are now set to unlimited, while memory management was increased to 2GB of memory.

Charts and Shared Charting - New charting tools for easily creating professional-looking charts and special effects such as 3D, transparency and soft shadows are just some of the new features that you will enjoy in Microsoft Office Excel 2007’s Chart facility . Even more fun is the fact that you can now share your Microsoft Office Excel 2007 with other programs.

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