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Guides for handy Windows XP features

Thomas Walton describes How To Increase the Startup Speed on Your Windows XP Machine. He discusses hidden programs and configuration setups which could slow down your Windows XP boot up.

And for a handy tip for Windows XP laptops, Lamar Stonecypher tells you How to Turn Your XP Laptop into Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot. It’s one way to impress your friends and share access or files with a temporary Wi-Fi connection.

Are you having trouble Turning on Automatic Updates in Windows XP? Arun Kumar M gives three possibilities which might cause the problem, and what to do to eliminate the issue.

Have you decided the the Windows XP Service Pack 3 is not for you? Matt Becker explains How To Remove SP3 from Windows Updates and make sure it never troubles you again- unless you change your mind.

Arun Kumar M gives a quick tip here on Fixing problems Accessing Your Windows XP Recycle Bin. Learn how to see whether Group Policies or a corrupt system profile could be causing the problem.

Sammy lets you know How to Add a Desktop Sidebar in Windows XP, giving you easy access to your gadgets. There is link to where to download the sidebar software, and a discussion of using the panels to add the gadgets you would like to have immediately available, as well as creating custom panels.

Having fun with your XP

Matt Becker gives instructions for How to Change our Desktop Wallpaper on Windows XP in this article. He discusses the options for change found on your XP, and then how to search online for more choices.

Tired of those same old Windows XP themes? Well, srobinson tells you Where to Find Star Trek Themes for Windows XP. There are a number out there, but some come with baggage like pop up ads and tracking software. Here are sources for free and purchasable Star Trek themes that won’t put anything unwanted onto your PC.

Jesma explains how to set up Windows XP to Play Dos Games under Windows XP. There may be some old games you feel nostalgic about, and Windows XP is not built on a DOS platform, even though Windows XP does have a DOS emulator. Use her tips to get those old games you used to play from floppies to run on your XP Machine.

Thomas Walton explains how to Reset Your Windows XP Screen Resolution After Gaming so you do not have odd sized text or gigantic icons.

Feeling playful? Dianna Monda Dill’s article on How to change the Color of the Windows XP Start Button gives you directions for changing the color, the text, and even the icon for your Windows XP start button.

And finally,

Arun Kosur M looks at Freeware for Windows XP – and how to tell if the freeware is going to be beneficial for your computer or create more problems than free software is worth.

In the Windows XP Support topic in the Windows channel at Bright Hub you can find many other articles to get the most from your Windows XP PC.