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How to speed up Vista, and what does that mean? To some, it’s making Vista start up faster or perform certain tasks faster. Bright Hub authors have addressed many facets of this topic. Here we’ll look at some of the best.

Speed Up Vista!

Dianna Monda Dill is a proficient and prolific writer on Vista topics. She has written several series with articles that cover, among other things, performing a system restore, managing virtual memory resources, and tweaking Vista network settings. Here are the major entry points to her series:

You can also find the full list of what each article in the series contains by browsing for the tag “Speed Up Vista.”

And we can’t blame Dianna for the lack of imaginative titles. She had originally planned to write something like “101 Ways to Speed Up Vista,” but I was too eager to get the segments published and asked her to put them in smaller series and to submit each as they were ready. And boy, did she!

Tweak for Better Vista Performance

Steve Mallard is an IT (Information Technology) professional who we are lucky to have as a writer. In our collection of Vista performance articles is his “Quick Tips for Improved Vista Performance.” His advice is very “hands on” and practical, even though it does involve getting into the “nuts and bolts” a little. Also well worth the read is Steve’s “Clean the Junk from Your Hard Drive.”

I contributed “How to Speed Up Vista’s Boot Time” and “How to Change the Order of Startup Applications in Vista.” The second was actually in answer to a question posed by Bright Hub author Brian Nelson. In “Ask the Readers,” he wrote, “Can the order of the startup/boot sequence be controlled in Windows XP and/or Vista? After getting my answer, he did me one better and wrote a Startup Delayer Tutorial. Controlling the sequence of applications loading during start up may not seem like a big Vista performance tip, but it is. Anything that gets you to the applications that you need sooner is an apparent performance boost.

Warren Hayashi also looked at the problem of slow startup in Vista and wrote about it in the suitably entitled “Why is My New Vista PC so Slow to Start Up?” My Bright Hub associate and fellow editor Jesma also weighed in. She wrote “10 Tweaks for Better Vista Performance.”

Housekeeping for Better Vista Performance

Maybe your PC’s Vista performance is poor because it doesn’t meet Vista’s minimum HCL - or “Hardware Compatibility List.” Bright Hub author Lantern looked at that specifically. Exactly what type of hardware does one need for Vista really to perform well?

And how about regular maintenance of your Vista PC? Fellow editor and associate Joli Ballew contributed “Vista’s Disk Cleanup - Use Once per Month for Better PC Performance.” In a similar vein, Bright Hub author dannyhilator wrote about “10 Tips to Declutter Your PC.” It’s a great read.

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And there you have it - one contributing editor’s picks for the best Vista performance articles on Bright Hub. Bright Hub authors are a diverse bunch - IT professionals, computer technicians, operating system enthusiasts, avid gamers, educators, and business users. We write about the topics that interest us, and improving Vista performance is a topic that many of us feel the need to address.

Thank you for visiting Bright Hub, and thanks for reading this article. I hope that you’ve found many other articles here that you’ll want to read.