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Fix a Damaged Document

Many users enjoy Microsoft Word because of its familiar toolbar and easy navigation. There may be times, though, when Word does not work as you think - or know - it should. Before you get too frustrated, take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, and check out this collection of Bright Hub troubleshooting articles just for Word.

What is more frustrating than trying to open a Word document you spent hours working on only to find that it won’t open or immediately crashes? How to Recover Content from Damaged Documents in Word 2007 covers all the angles to help you retrieve the information you so desperately need.

Change Word Settings

Microsoft Word includes default settings for every toolbar, function and any other feature you can imagine. Just because these defaults exist, however, does not mean you have to keep them that way. One of the most helpful aspects of Microsoft Word is that nearly every default setting can be changed to a setting that works better for you. Bright Hub offers a vast collection of tips and tutorials on changing settings in Word.

For example, Customizing Main Menu and Toolbars in Microsoft Word 2003 provides a quick, helpful overview on how to change toolbar and menu settings in Word. If you are not crazy about the default location where Microsoft Word saves documents , how about changing that setting? Check out Tell Word 2007 Where to Save Your Documents for steps on how to do just that. Changing the Default Margin Settings in Word 2007, Changing the Default Line Spacing in Microsoft Word 2007 and Changing the Default Font in Microsoft Word 2007 each include invaluable tips to teach you how to customize those settings, as well.

Other changes you can make are laid out in the tutorials Customize Your Microsoft Word 2007 Work Area and Modifying the Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Word.

Make the Switch from Word 2003 to Word 2007

The transition from Microsoft Word 2003 to the current version, Word 2007, has been a bit bumpy for most Microsoft Office users. Fortunately, Bright Hub is here to help, providing an extensive library of articles and tutorials that will provide the steps, hints and tips you need to get the most out of Word 2007 .

If you need help deciding whether to make the switch to Word 2007, or want to determine how to train your staff in the application, Assessing MS Office 2007 Training Needs provides an overview of the new Office suite and types of training to consider. If you have decided to take the plunge and are looking for the best deal on Word 2007 and other Microsoft Office apps, check out Shopping for Microsoft Office 2007 .

The Bright Hub article Finding Free Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorials lists several places you can surf to increase your Word 2007 knowledge. If you are having trouble navigating the new Word ribbon, articles such as Where are the Word 2007 Menus ? Understanding MS Word’s New Writing Tools and Find Out Where Microsoft Has Hidden All of Your Commands in Word 2007 will give you lots of tips to get you going. Many offices and at-home users find themselves working in both Word 2003 and Word 2007. Saving Word 2007 Documents as an Older Version of Word as well as Dealing with Microsoft Office 2007 File Formats will show you how to do so more efficiently.

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