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Free Downloadable Microsoft Word Fonts

People crave a variety of fonts as every occasion, invitation, presentation and document calls for a font that doesn’t come with Microsoft Word. The thousands of free fonts available on the Internet are also testament to the demand for many fonts.

You might notice that some fonts are TrueType and PostScript, while others are ClearType. Apple Computer designed the TrueType digital font technology that Microsoft now uses. TrueType aims to provide the best quality of fonts for computer screens and printouts. PostScript works with Adobe Type Manager to print to Postscript-based printers. If given a choice or you don’t know what to do, pick TrueType over PostScript. Microsoft developed ClearType software technology to help the fonts display clearer on liquid crystal displays (LCD) screens, which you’ll find in many notebooks, laptops and handheld devices.

Microsoft links to free foundries with notes including the developer’s email address, URL and other comments.

Many of the fonts on the Internet work with Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office programs. The key is to download the font and then install the new fonts in Windows. Also, beware that if you share electronic documents with others, they might not see the font the same way you do. If they don’t have the font loaded on their computers, the document will use another font. You can work around this by using the Embed True Type Fonts option that comes with Word and PowerPoint (steps vary based on the version – click F1 to open the help for instructions.)

Our guide to the best free fonts online for desktop publishers contains many fonts that work with Microsoft Word. Here are more sites with free fonts:

  • 1001 Fonts: Contains freeware and shareware fonts. The license terms appear with each font. It doesn’t give you a way to search for only freeware, free for personal use or public domain fonts.
  • AbstractFonts: Contains over 12,000 free fonts. Beware it also has shareware fonts.
  • DaFont: Like 1001 fonts, contains both freeware and shareware.
  • FontDiner: Check out the “Free Silverware” for free PC fonts that take you back to the ’50s.
  • TypeNow: Houses over 6000 free fonts including TV and movie-themed fonts.

If you like to know more about your fonts, download Font properties extension from Microsoft. When you right-click on a font file and select Properties, you get basic details about the font. The extension adds information about the font’s copyright, type sizes and origination.