How to Obtain Program Information in Windows Vista Media Center

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Getting Program Info

The Windows Vista Media Center Guide offers access to two weeks worth of programming information. When you right-click any TV show listed in the guide, a pop-up menu appears. Program Info is one of the options. When you click Program Info, you learn more about the show selected, and can record it, record the entire series, find out when the show airs again, and even find out the show’s cast and original air date. As noted, you can get to the Program Info screen from the Guide, but you can also get to it directly from the television show while watching Live TV. Whatever way you get there, there are four options in Program Info:

- Record – Select Record to schedule this specific television show to record when it airs. Television shows that are scheduled to record have a red dot on the right of their Guide entries.

- Record Series – If the television show is a series, you’ll see this option. Select Record Series to record every episode of that specific television show that airs on television. You’ll see multiple red dots displayed to the right of the show’s Guide entry if Media Center is set up to record every episode of a specific television show. For more information about Record Series, see Record Series below.

- Other Showings – If the television show is a series and airs more than one episode, Other Showings shows you all of the future airings of a particular television show within the next two weeks, broken down by each day.

- Advanced Record – Here you can tweak some more advanced recording settings. These settings include Frequency, Stop, Quality, and Keep. Advanced Record lets you configure many additional options for that particular television show. Read on for more information about what you can change using Advanced Record.

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