Windows Vista Features & Functionality - RSS Feeds, Sync Centre & the Vista Desktop

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1. RSS feeds in Internet Explorer helps you find news you are interested in

Nowadays we find a lot of websites that are committed to various types of news like current affairs, celebrity news, or sports, etc. But, it’s unlikely that you will be interested in just a single topic, and keeping apace of the latest developments could mean visiting a large number of websites. But there is an effective solution to this problem. RSS feeds is an application that enables the Internet Explorer to automatically download all headlines from specific sites, and then displays them on one easily accessible webpage. So you don’t have to go looking for the stories you are interested in from various websites, and can simply browse through the headlines and click one to read the full story.

2. SyncCenter manages synchronization between devices and networks

Using SyncCenter makes it possible to automatic­cally synchronize data stored on a media device or storage card with your Windows Media Player Library. Also, if you are working with Vista Ultimate, this tool has even more utility because it sets up Synchronization between a local folder and a network folder. If you are working regularly with the same files from several computers, it then becomes easy to keep all copies in synchronization so that you always have access to your most recently edited versions of those files.

3. Free up memory and computer resources by creating a custom version of Windows Vista

As you are already familiar that Windows Vista requires a lots of memory and computer resources to run properly and it performs poorly on older PCs which are low on RAM. One solution to this problem is vLite 1.2, an application that creates a custom Windows Vista installation DVD that removes all the components which you don’t need at all. Thus, reducing memory require­ments and improving your PC speed. For example, if you don’t use Paint applet and want to get rid of it, you can do so using vLite 1.2. Using this application to remove unwanted applets produces impressive results, freeing up lots of RAM and deliv­ering much better PC speeds.

4. Vista enables you to take an effective back up of your registry

You need to take a safe back up for your Registry before you make any major changes to the way your PC works. Vista lets you to take back up of your registry by setting up a System Restore point. For this go to the Start menu, type System Restore in the search box and then click on the System Restore icon that appears in the list above. You need to click Continue if you see a User Account Control prompt and in the next window click the Open System Protection link at the bottom. Now click on Create and give your restore point a recognizable (something you can remember) name and click Create again. To retrieve your Registry back to a previous state, launch System Restore as described above and select Choose a dif­ferent restore point to find the one you named earlier.

5. Desktops 1.0 enables you to create four virtual desktops to organize applications effectively

If you are running ten to twenty applications on Windows Vista desktop at the same time, you might find it difficult to switch between them. Installing an application called Desktops 1.0 provides a simple and elegant solu­tion to this problem. This application allows you to create up to four virtual desktops so that you can easily manage and organize a number of applications that you have opened on your desktop. It is a clever tool that can boost your PC productivity. But there is one drawback too that is, there is no way to delete a desktop object. You can exit the four virtual desktops by simply rebooting your PC.

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