Vista Anytime Upgrade, Windows Vista System Performance Monitoring & the New Vista Address Bar

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1. Windows Anytime Upgrade allows you to switch over between versions of Vista

Unlike Windows XP, it is very easy to upgrade between various versions of Windows Vista. For example, if you have Vista Home Basic, you can upgrade to Home Premium or Ultimate by using a tool called Windows Anytime Upgrade. To do this go to the Start menu and type anytime in the Search box. Anytime upgrade allows you to order an upgrade online and you receive a copy of your update by post. So if you have bought a computer with Vista pre-installed and want a better version, you can get it through Windows Anytime Upgrade.

2. Reliability and Performance Monitor helps you monitor your system performance

Sometimes we feel that our system is not performing the way it is supposed to perform. Vista offers a tool called Reliability and Performance Monitor which can let you know whether your system is performing with maximum efficiency or not. This tool searches all the drives, hardware, applications and system configuration and generates a system health report which lets you know what the problem is, and what is the cause of the problem.

3. Vista’s Address Bar serves as an internet search tool and a lot more.

Vista includes a brand new address bar that has a lot of added features and is way ahead than the one you having been using in Windows XP. If you are looking for something on the internet, Address bar serves as an internet search tool and displays all the results for your search. You don’t even have to open the Internet Explorer to find something on the net. Right click on your taskbar and select Toolbars and tick on the Address bar option. Now the Address Bar will appear on your taskbar which looks exactly the same as URL address in Internet Explorer.

4. Windows Ultimate Extras adds even more features to your Vista

If you install Windows Ultimate Extras, you can have access to even more tools and utilities, including addi­tional backup facilities, better security and a direct approach to more useful features. Ultimate Extras is downloaded along with the updates of Vista and all exclusive features are added for free with the updates. Ultimate Extras include DreamScene which allows video files to be used as a desktop background, BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool which can be used to prepare a partition for encryption and a card game called Texas Hold ‘em Poker.

5. Backup Status and Configuration allows you to take effective backup of your system

Vista has one of the most vital back up tools you have ever seen on any PC. The Backup Status and Configuration tool includes options to back up or restore individual files, groups of files, and even complete backup of your PC. In fact this should be one of the first things you need to do when you upgrade to windows Vista. It is a very simple process and you can restore your PC from the saved backup later on when you have a system crash. To go to the Backup Status and Configuration, click Start and then go to Accessories.

Vista Backup Center in the Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate versions of Windows is capable of doing entire-disk backups. In Vista Home Basic and Home Premium, it only backs up your important documents, music, photos, and files.

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