Windows Vista Snipping Tool, Windows Picture Management & the Ease of Access Center

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1. Snipping tool lets you copy parts of your desktop

Vista’s Snipping Tool gives you total flexibility, providing options to grab the entire screen, a small part of the screen or an area you have selected in free form. You can save snips to a folder and also email them to friends. Go to Start → Control Panel → Programs and click Turn Windows features on or off to install the Tablet PC Optional Components package, which includes the Snipping Tool.

2. Ease of Access Center lets you tweak Windows at will

Vista’s Ease of Access Center ­makes it simple to tweak Windows, enabling you to make it work the way you want. This may involve simple tasks like making items appear a little larger on the screen or more complex assistance such as starting the Vista Narrator.

There was a great room for improvement in Windows XP’s ability to store, edit and organize images. Vista has covered this need nicely. The Windows Photo Gallery enables you to carry out simple editing tasks such as correcting red-eye and adding tags to images. This makes it much easier to manage your photos and other images and email them to your friends. For even more sharing, Photo Gallery can be used to make a DVD slideshow that can be viewed on your TV.

4. You can follow your trail to avoid getting lost

Vista includes an enhancement to the Windows Explorer naviga­tion bar. Unlike in XP, the bar now not only shows the folder you are currently navigating but also the folders that you had opened to get there, meaning that there is a visual trail of where you have been exploring. Each folder in the trail has an arrow next to it. Clicking this arrow makes Explorer display the other folders it remembers, making it easier to retrace your steps.

5. Vista offers easy start up options

As your PC gets old, rebooting it takes a lot of time, as Windows launches applications at startup and load necessary updates. Clicking on the gold power button from the Start menu enables Vista to save your current documents and settings before switching to a low­ power state. This means that every time you reboot up your PC, it doesn’t have to go through that lengthy startup process, which is a real boon for people who use their PC often.

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