Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel: List of HotKeys

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Quick Note:

These Microsoft Excel HotKeys were tested and found to work on both Microsoft Excel 2000 and Microsoft Excel 2007. Some, if not all, may also work with other versions of MS Excel.

Microsoft Excel HotKeys that Perform General Functions

  • F1 Key – to toggle the Excel Help Screen
  • F2 Key – to edit current cell
  • F5 Key - to go to a specific cell
  • F7 Key – to toggle Spell Check command
  • F12 Key - to save file as
  • CTRL+A – to select entire worksheet
  • CTRL+B – to toggle bold text
  • CTRL+C – to copy the item or items selected to the clipboard
  • CTRL+V – to paste copied item or items selected from the clipboard
  • CTRL+F – to display the find dialog box
  • CTRL+H – to display the replace dialog box
  • CTRL+ I – to toggle italic text
  • CTRL+N – to create a new file
  • CTRL+O – to open a file
  • CTRL+P - to print a worksheet
  • CTRL+S – to save a file or spreadsheet
  • CTRL+U – to toggle underlined text
  • CTRL+V - to paste the contents of the clipboard
  • CTRL+X – to cut the selected item
  • CTRL+Y – to redo the last undone action
  • CTRL+Z – to undo the last action
  • CTRL+1 – to display Format Cells Dialogue Box
  • CTRL+5 – to toggle strikethrough text

Microsoft Excel HotKeys for Selection

  • CTRL+Spacebar – to select the entire column
  • SHIFT+Spacebar – to select the entire row
  • CTRL+A – to select entire worksheet
  • SHIFT+Left Cursor – to select all cells to the left of the active one
  • SHIFT+Right Cursor - to select all cells to the right of the active one

Microsoft Excel HotKeys that Perform Movement across Cells

  • Left Arrow – to move one cell left
  • Right Arrow – to move one cell right
  • Up Arrow – to move one cell up
  • Down Arrow – to move one cell down
  • Home – to go to end of row
  • CTRL+left Arrow - to go to end of column
  • CTRL+Home – to go to top of worksheet (cell A1)
  • CTRL+ End – to go to end of worksheet
  • CTRL+PAGE-DOWN – to go to next worksheet

Microsoft Excel HotKeys for Executing Formulas

  • ALT+ “=” – to toggle autosum
  • ALT+F8 – toggle macros
  • CTRL+ ; - to insert current date
  • CTRL+ : - to insert current time

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