The Bright Hub Guide to 15 Things Every Office User Should Know How To Do

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Businesses use Microsoft Office because of its familiarity and popularity. Its features and file formats set the standard for all of its competitors, leaving many users to stay with Office just to ensure compatibility with the rest of the world. Because the future of so many workers involves Office, we have compiled a table of contents including expert articles on 15 things every MS Office user should know. Every reader should bookmark this page so they can refer to it later and check for updates.

Create an Invoice Using a Microsoft Office Template

Businesses usually acquire money by sending invoices to their customers. Therefore, Office users need to know how to create an invoice to make sure that their company receives payments for all goods and services they provide. Learn how to obtain an invoice template and then download it for use in Microsoft Office.

Open the Latest Office File Formats With Older Versions of Office

Some businesses cannot spend the money to upgrade to the latest versions of Microsoft Office. Most will not have a problem until customers and vendors start sending in files formatted with the latest versions. What happens next? Businesses risk looking unprofessional and “shoestring” if they must call their contacts and ask them to reformat and resend their attachments. A better solution calls for users to install the free Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack. This add-on for older versions of Office allows users to open, edit and save documents in the latest Office formats. Workers who know how to do this can save their employer thousands of dollars and earn a slew of brownie points.

Installing Microsoft Office 2007 – Options, Minimum Requirements, and Installation

Hard drives crash and new employees join the team, so companies often require fresh installations of Microsoft Office. This Bright Hub article shows you how to install Office 2007. Workers who learn this Office skill will demonstrate that their value exceeds their paycheck. Next time your company needs Office installed, step up to the plate and shine.

Using Spanish with Microsoft Office: Mac 2011

The American workplace faces many challenges, including the need to integrate non-English speakers in the workforce. As the time for every worker to be bilingual nears, the time to accommodate Spanish-speaking employees has already arrived. Read this comprehensive guide that describes how to use Office for Mac with the Spanish language.

What to Do About Genuine Microsoft Software Office Countdown Message

Uncomfortable situations arise when employees must tell their employer that the company uses pirated copies of Microsoft Office, but our article on the topic can give you the skills for handling the issue with tact and competence. Learn all you need to know about the Genuine Advantage Validation and Notification Tools right here.

What to Do about “Office Not Genuine” Messages

Just in case the previous article didn’t answer your questions about Office and Genuine Advantage, read on to find out what to do about error messages that occur on genuine licensed copies of Office. Users should know how to handle these situations to make sure they stay out of trouble with Microsoft and the law.

Which Office 2010 Edition Is Right for You?

If your company decides to buy Microsoft Office, users must know what features they use so the company can buy an appropriate edition. Without this informative article, confusion might reign. Before buying anything, read this guide.

Linux Office Suites:

Office users often must know how to use OpenOffice software, especially if Linux users work at the same company. OpenOffice generates Office-compatible formats, but they may not always look right when opened in Office. Users with a working knowledge of OpenOffice will have essential skills that can help in many work environments.

Which Office Suite Is Right for You?

An effective comparison highlights the differences between OpenOffice and Microsoft Office, helping Office users to understand their product better. Particularly when a company uses both software packages, the ability to distinguish one from the other will help preserve order in the workplace.

Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office: What Solution is Better?

While comparing Microsoft to OpenOffice, users should also understand how Office compares to Google Apps. The author takes readers through a systematic comparison of the two office solutions. Armed with this knowledge, Office users can make the case for their preference.

A Brief History of Microsoft Office

History teaches tremendous lessons of life, so the history of Office can give users needed knowledge that can help any user become a Power User. This article takes readers on a whirlwind tour through the history of Office. With an understanding of where Office has been in the past, users will better understand what happens in the future.

Office Web Apps - Introduction to the Package and How to Use Them Effectively

Modern Office users need to know more than how to point and click their way to perfect documents; they also need to know how to use the fancy online components of Office. This brilliant introduction to Microsoft Web apps helps Office users learn how to become more productive through file sharing, collaboration and cloud access.

Guide to Microsoft Office Online

Continue learning about the online components of Microsoft Office through this valuable guide. Articles here take readers through an in-depth examination of the tools and resources Microsoft maintains on the Office website. Users can access most of the Office Online resources free of charge. Combined with this free guide, users have access to a wealth of material that will help them do more with Office.

Proofing a Second Language in Microsoft Office: Mac 2011

Nothing discourages writers more than receiving bad marks for their spelling and formatting errors. This article guides Office users through the Office proofing tools and specially applies them to a second language. This might seem like inside information, but it comes to you directly from the experts at Bright Hub.

Guide to Microsoft Office Suite

We promised 15 things every Office user should know how to do. Those who have read all the articles, guides and reviews listed above might be hungry for even more knowledge. Our final title provides a library of information that takes users deeper into Office than they ever thought they could go. Take your time: learning is a lifelong endeavor.