How To Choose The Best DVD Copier Software For Windows

How To Choose The Best DVD Copier Software For Windows
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Introducing DVD Copier Software

The best DVD copier software lets you copy your data quickly and efficiently, whether you are making a backup, a home video or a disc of travel photos for a friend. Top quality DVD software offers a range of functions including the option to create a DVD audio disc, a DVD video and a data DVD. Sophisticated programs let you create interactive menus, images and other features for DVD video discs, but this functionality is not universal. Most programs that offer DVD copying capabilities have other DVD burning and DVD authoring capabilities; these extra features are very helpful if you need to edit or improve a DVD rather than simply duplicating it.

Even the best DVD copier software is limited by the computer’s hardware, especially the DVD drive and the hard drive. The DVD drive limits how fast data can be read and burned while the hard drive handles most of the data transfer in between. In practice, this means that laptop computer users should plug in their computers before they start burning DVD’s - DVD burning will drain your laptop’s batteries very quickly. If you are displeased with the speed of your DVD copying software, consider whether you can get better equipment.

Nero Burning ROM

Nero offers a number of multimedia software tools for creating and editing photos and videos. The Nero Burning ROM product is the best application for users that simply wish to copy DVD’s. Additional features offered by the product include the ability to burn CD’s and Blu-Ray discs, password protecting burned DVD’s and spanning large files over multiple discs. Nero Burning ROM currently sells for $49.99. Nero also provides several video editing programs and multimedia products for creating CD’s and DVD’s for users seeking more advanced features.


CD Burner Logo (Credit: CDBurnerXP)

This free program was originally developed to copy and burn CD’s but newer versions have added support for DVD and Blu-ray copying. CDBurnerXP works with several languages beyond English such as Bulgarian, Greek, Hebrew, and Estonian (more translations are in progress). It can also create bootable CD’s, helpful for troubleshooting computers and recovering from failures.

Easy DVD Copy 4 Premier

Roxio’s DVD copying application (retails for approximately $50) specializes in the DVD duplication process. Version 4 of the application is designed to work with Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP. In addition to copying DVD’s, the program can copy DVD data to iPhones, hard drives and PSP’s. If you are seeking to make a backup copy of a your favorite movie on DVD, you will almost certainly be out of luck as this Roxio product cannot process the copy protection measures found on most commercial movie disc. If your DVD drive has the Lightscribe feature, this program can print DVD labels directly onto the disc.

DVD Shrink: Create Free Backup Copies of Your DVD’s

DVD Shrink (Credit: DVD Shrink Website: see References)

DVD Shrink is a free program that emphasizes compression and backup of DVD’s to your hard drive or other media. Noteworthy features include support for NTSC (the video format mainly used in North America) and PAL (common in Europe, Asia and other locations) and duplication of special features such as commentary. DVD Shrink also includes the capability to copy DVD’s with copy protection features, a helpful feature if you would like to backup your film collection for safekeeping. Some jurisdictions may view the ability to circumvent copy protection features as a violation of copyright and/or other laws, so be aware of that before you use that feature.


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