Malwarebytes - Corporation History

Malwarebytes - Corporation History
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Malwarebytes: Products and Software

The Malwarebytes Corporation has released software that helps users keep their computers free of viruses. Some of these products include: Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, StartUpLife, RegASSASSIN and FileASSASSIN.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, also known as MBAM, was released in 2008 with its main goal being to scan and remove all malware from infected computers. It features both a free and paid version, the latter having a few extra tasks ensuring total computer security. The paid version includes a scheduled scan option, protection in real-time and flash memory scans.

StartUpLife was created for computers which experienced slow startup times. It enables users to manage their computers’ startup processes, allowing computers to start up and run speedily

RegASSASSIN is an application which allows users to delete registry keys. It is fully portable and lightweight but can cause permanent damage, as some registry keys are critical to the key functions of a computer.

Lastly, FileASSASSIN deletes malware and viruses that are hiding in locked files. This program is very useful, as some malware embeds itself in system files that cannot be manually deleted, but should also be used with caution as the loss of some system files could cause serious system errors and crashes.

About the Malwarebytes Corporation

malwarebytesThe Malwarebytes Corporation has received many accolades and awards for some of their anti-malware software and aims to keep releasing more over time. Malwarebytes’ software is exceptionally programmed to both clean a computer and keep it running smoothly and without error. They also offer prompt customer service through their FAQ pages and popular forum.

The corporation runs mainly out of California and offers jobs to residents of the area. They are very involved with finding individuals who have tech backgrounds and other skills that fit perfectly into the Malwarebytes Corporation.

Google reports that the Malwarebytes Corporation ranks at number 3,595 for estimated traffic to their site and company information, and estimates that over 2 million users visit the site monthly. It is one of the most popular malware eradication companies on the Internet today boasting a worldwide rank of 7,813 and 2,790 in the U.S. This number grows everyday as more and more people come across the corporation’s efficient products.

Affiliate Programs

malwarebytes screenshotMalwarebytes also involves their customers in their aim to remove all viruses. Users can upload any infected material they find on the Internet or on their systems and add the infection to the Malwarebytes database. They also offer both affiliate and reseller programs. Persons who want to advertise and earn a percentage of sales can sign up to be an affiliate in their affiliate program. PC stores who want to add the product to their stock can sign up as a reseller.

The Malwarebytes Corporation has been successful in creating several malware applications that help users rid their computers of viruses and offering these products for free. Because malware often develops and changes, it is very hard for most programs to ensure that none attach onto a system and cause havoc. Malwarebytes attempts to keep updating and reinventing its programs’ algorithms and virus detection software to keep finding and deleting possible threats.

The Malwarebytes Corporation offers its free version to all users. If they are impressed and want round-the-clock automatic response to malware, an updated version costs roughly $25 dollars. Based on customer and business reviews, spending that $25 dollars will surely pay off.

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