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The Idea behind the Norton Free Trial Version Page

As the number of online sites that invite computer users to download a free trial version of Norton antivirus or other Norton programs expands, the company has placed all free trial antivirus and ancillary downloads on one webpage(1). This makes it easy for computer users to compare the various packages being offered and also decide which version to test-drive for their specific home or business needs.

Available Downloads

15-Day Trials

  • A free trial version of the Norton AntiVirus Gaming Edition 2009 delivers antivirus, anti-spyware, bot-, worm- and browser protection. At the same time, the program only uses about 6 MB of memory and does not flash alerts or initiates updates during active game-play. This sets it apart from other programs that slow down games or cause applications to abort loading.
  • A free anti-virus download is the Norton Smartphone Security program that protects the mobile device. It offers antivirus, firewall and SMS anti-spam protection to a Windows mobile 5.0 pocket PC phone, smart phone, and Symbian OS 9.

30-Day Trials

  • Norton Ghost 15.0 is a backup utility package that offers Blu-ray disk support and makes offsite backups possible.
  • Norton Online Backup 5 GB is a professional and completely automated backup utility package. It applies encryption to the stored data that rivals the kind used for sensitive government files.
  • A free anti-virus download for the Norton 360 Version 3.0 offers comprehensive protection for the PC. In addition to providing safety against browser attacks and viruses, it also speeds up the boot time and slams the door on botnets.
  • Symantec pcAnywhere 12.5 is remote control software that works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Another free virus protection trial package is the Norton Internet Security 2010 Netbook Edition. Its phishing protection supports Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher as well as Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and newer versions.
  • Norton Internet Security 2010 is a professional product that offers spyware protection, network monitoring, bot protection and a spam filter similar to that used by large business entities.
  • The next free trial antivirus software package is Norton AntiVirus 2010 that analyzes downloads prior to installation and interfaces with applications for improved maintenance and functionality. This utility also repairs boot sectors to the point of rescuing machines previously considered unbootable.
  • The most well-known among the programs available as a free 30-day trial is the Norton Utilities suite. It encompasses disk cleaner and bleacher, startup manager and system optimizer, registry cleaners and defragmenters as well as a performance tester.

What to Do When the Norton Free Trial Version Expires

The computer user has the option of keeping the program and paying for the software package or canceling the free trial and searching for a different program that will fulfill the requirements of the home PC or business machine better. The downside is of course that 30 days of consistent use has already acclimated the computer user to the idiosyncrasies of the backup utility or antivirus program.


(1)Norton Trial Software page; accessed January 28, 2010