Mac Application Information: Quicksilver (QS) Customization -Part 3

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Making Quicksilver Functional and Stylish

By now you have downloaded Quicksilver (QS) and have installed a few plug-ins that are needed for basic functionality. You have also made some Command and Application specific settings changes.

Now invoke QS. Then hit Command + Comma, again this will bring up the preferences menu. Go to the plug-in section on the top. On the left go to the All plug-in section, and you will now see all kinds of different plug-ins appear in the right pane. You can click all of these plug-ins if you want or you can pick and choose which ones you want. If you are not sure about what one is then on the lower right side of the bottom bar you will see a little “i” which will bring up information about that particular selected item.

I have most of these plug-ins selected, I don’t use Camino so I left those unchecked. Same with Yojimbo. But I do suggest a few be checked besides the ones recommended to you when you did your Start Up wizard. Calculator, Dictionary, Clip Board and Shelf Module are all ones that you should check. The Command Line tools are also useful.

Once you have installed your plug-ins you will then need to go to Catalog up on the top. The first thing you should change is on the bottom bar where it says Rescan. I keep mine at every ten minutes. This will rescan your catalog for new plug-ins and update them if necessary.

Along the left hand side go thorough each of the areas, Applications, Modules, Quicksilver, Scripts, etc. Make sure that each one has a check mark next to it. Some may have a drop down arrow, select it and make sure all the boxes are checked. Some of these may need a restart so go ahead and restart QS.

At this point you are really ready to go with all of the advanced features of QS.

At any time you have the QS command window up you can quit out of it by hitting the escape key. Also when you start using the parent children folders if you want to get out of the folder you can hit the escape key and that will close the folder but keep QS open. To go to your home folder at anytime hit the ~ key (ampersand). I use this sometimes to get out of where ever I am and restart my search.

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