Review of Invisishield by Zagg

Review of Invisishield by Zagg
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About Invisishield

The Zagg Invisishield was originally said to be used as a protection agent for helicopter blades in the military. Basically it is a high quality film that is applied in much of the same way you would tint the windows of your car. The Invisishields currently offered are completely transparent. The difference between an Invisishield and say “a skin” is that an Invisishield is designed to protect to the highest degree, not as a way to change appearance of your electronic items.

Zagg Claims and Testing

Perhaps the best selling point for the Zagg Invisishield has been their company videos that show the Invisishield going through many grueling tests; with the electronic items that it covers coming out completely fine. Some tests that have been run:

- Application of the Invisishield to a iPhone 3G vs. plain unprotected iPhone 3G. Testers dig and attempt to scratch the iPhone with a car key. Zagg shield device seems unharmed while plain iPhone is scratched badly.

This result was very accurate! When testing, I placed a piece of invisishield on my old LG EnV in case it were to somehow fail; took my car keys out my pocket and dug into the phone (probably harder then Zagg did). Removed the Invisishield and there was not a scratch in sight.

- Photos showing a ballpoint pen being jabbed through the Invisishield (not installed on an electric device) not being able to penetrate.

I tried this also. Took a Bic pen and a piece of shield and poked away. This result was accurate also. The shield did give a lot of resistance, much more then I expected. However, the shield can easily be pierced. I was able to penetrate she shield using only about 40% of my normal strength. But still, it’s not like someone is going to be sitting there violently stabbing at an electronic device.

- Zagg shows a bowling ball being dropped on the shield (not installed on any device) from a significant distance. Invisishield holds up, bowling ball does not break through.

- Zagg shows Invisishield (not installed on any device) at a gym with over 700 pounds of weight plates stacked on top of it. Invisishield holds up, weight plates do not break through.

I did not get a chance to give these last two a try as I did not ever intend on 700lbs being stacked on top of any electronic device, nor dropping bowling balls on top of them.


Highly recommended. The scratch test results were very true to their word. Zagg shields are a very good way to protect your devices as they do not add any bulk to the items and maintain the original look. They do bring somewhat of a glossy look to things, but a week after installation the orange peel texture that some claim will go away immediately, and surfaces will be smooth. No negatives have really been found. Some people claim that the shield is hard to install, be sure to read part 2 on how to install an Invisishield.

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