A Glossary of Mac Terms: The Letter E

A Glossary of Mac Terms: The Letter E
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The Letter E

E-Book – A book distributed over the Internet and read on an end user’s computer or handheld portable device. Amazon makes a device called a Kindle that can be used to manage e-books, and e-books can be downloaded to iPhones, Macs, and other computers for personal use.

E-Business or E-Commerce – Any company or entity that does business over the Internet.

Edit – To make a change to a digital file. You can edit pictures by removing red-eye for instance, or, edit the title of a song.

Electrostatic Discharge – ESD. Static electricity that is transferred between humans and inanimate objects, specifically computers. ESD can damage motherboards, RAM, and other internal computer parts.

Emoticon – A graphical representation of an expression usually made using parenthesis and colons like :-). Some emoticons have been created to look like people as well, like the one of Abraham Lincoln shown here: =|:)>. (View it sideways.)

Emulation – A program that can imitate another program.

Encode – To convert data to another format. For example, data encoded as FTP can be sent and received more easily than data that is not encoded in this format.

Encryption – The coding of data so that only those with the proper decoding “key” can open and read the data.

End User – The person using a computer, the operating system, software application, camera, or other hardware or software.

EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) – A standard file format for importing and exporting postscript files. EPS files are often used in high-resolution graphics and clipart.

Ergonomic – A user friendly keyboard, mouse, chair, or other device that makes performing a task easier on the human performing it.

Ethernet – A cable used to connect computers to networking hardware, and thus, other computers. Ethernet can pass data between computers and other hardware.

Ether Talk – A networking protocol that allows AppleTalk to use Ethernet to send and receive data.

Eudora – An older e-mail program that can be used on Windows or Mac PCs. Eudora Light is also available.

EULA – End User License Agreement. Often a EULA must be signed before software can be used. The EULA spells out how a person can use the software, images, or other data included in the program.

Executable file – A file that can be read by a computer usually for the purpose of installing a software program or performing a task.

Expose – F(, F10, and F11 offer access to Expose, which allows you to view all open windows at one time and offers the ability to click one window to bring it to the “front” of the others.

Extension – In a file name, a file’s “extension” are the letters that come after the dot. For instance, dog.eps could be a clip art file, and the file extension is EPS.


  • The image in this article was taken from Joli Ballew’s Snow Leopard Mac computer.

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