Sync Anything to a Mac

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One of Apple’s advertizing mottoes is that everything “just works.” It’s true. Apple products work exceptionally well with each other in an intuitive, easy to use fashion. Their new iCloud service is almost effortless to use, though you can only use it on up-to-date iDevices. The problems start when, for whatever reason, one has to use non-Apple products. Maybe your work requires you to use a Blackberry, or your phone carrier doesn’t carry iDevices. Everything doesn’t always “just work” with Macs on a network out of the box, a little (but not too much) elbow grease is involved. To someone only used to Macs and not used to fiddling like many PC users, this can seem like a bigger problem than it really is. Like most things, it’s easy once you know how. Even if you don’t have a smartphone or other mobile device, syncing your bookmarks and other data between more than one computer, or even between browsers on the same computer is a good idea. You can waste a lot of time finding that bookmark or file if they’re not synched!

Guide on Syncing an iPhone to a Macbook Pro

This is the way Apple wants you to do it. It’s not very hard, but you may need help the first couple of times. You have to start somewhere!

All You Need To Know About Syncing Your iPhone

This is a much more in-depth guide for your iPhone synching needs. There isn’t much, if anything, you can’t find here including information on how to sync things on jailbroken phones, and non-iCloud options.

How to Sync an iPad With Your Mac

Synching your iPad is similar to an iPhone, though there are some small differences. Find out more here.

Synching Your HTC Phone to a Mac

HTC makes some nice phones, which have to be coaxed a little to sync properly with your Mac.

Using a Droid With iTunes

You can sync your Droid phone with your Mac using iTunes, although not everything will transfer. It’s quite possible to achieve most of your synching needs with this method, plus you don’t need to get any new software.

How to Sync Android With Mac

Android phones are pretty popular these says, but they’re not exactly built with Macs in mind. Getting them to play nice with your Mac shouldn’t be that hard with this guide. This is for if you don’t want to use iTunes with for synching your Android phone.

How To Sync Movies With Windows Phone Connector for Mac

Windows Phone 7 can sync your movies and music from your Mac, though you have to use a program, Windows Phone Connector For Mac, specifically designed to make WP7 and Macs get along.

Syncing Windows Phone 7 to Mac OSX

It’s not as hard as getting a Windows computer to get along in a cluster of Macs, but it’s a little work getting Windows Phone 7 phones to play nice. Follow the guide here, and you should have no problems synching anything you want to your phone.

Setting Up Apple iPhoto With Your BlackBerry

The BlackBerry has a nice camera, but viewing them on its tiny screen is nowhere near as fun as viewing them on your Mac. Why not find out how? It’s not very hard at all.

Learn About Sharing Your Documents With Dropbox

Dropbox is a neat service that allows you to sync data between any number of computers and/or devices also running Dropbox. This service, which comes with two gigabytes of free cloud storage space, is easy to set up and use. If two gigabytes isn’t enough for your needs, there are much higher limits available for a monthly or yearly fee.

Use Dropbox to Sync Your 1Password Data

1password is a neat program that lets you use one master password for many of your password needs. It only works on one computer due to it encrypting all the other passwords it uses. By storing the master password file in your Dropbox folder, it will update across all computers and devices connected to your Dropbox account, allowing you to use 1password’s encryption to keep your passwords secure wherever you compute. It’s a little tricky to initially set up using this method, but is a great technique to keep your passwords accessible and safe.

Syncing Bookmarks on Your Mac

One of the biggest hurdles to trying, let alone regularly using, multiple browsers is the lack of bookmark integration. While iCloud will update all your instances of Safari, Xmarks will allow you to sync instances of Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer on one machine. In practice, this will let you sync non-Safari bookmarks with iCloud.

Top Browser Synchronization Add-ons

You know what’s even more annoying than not having your bookmarks synchronized one machine? Not having them synched on multiple machines. Check out this list to find our how to have one set of bookmarks wherever you go.

Firefox Home Browser Syncs Bookmarks and More

If you’re not sold on Safari on your Mac for whatever reason, or don’t want to use another method like Xmarks, this app lets you access your Mac’s Firefox bookmarks on your iDevices.