The Mac Hardware Guide You Cannot Live Without!

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A Thorough Look at Mac Hardware

Whether you have never cared to look into it or you have been a longtime user of different platforms, Mac hardware is a very specific case that needs some insight. We explored all you need to know about the tangible side of Apple’s computer catalogue so you do not have to. Read on to find out about the various models Apple currently offers and those that have been on the shelves before. Many of which are now cult objects with fans!

Before We Start – Mac Hardware Essentials

Before we dive into the world of Mac hardware, it is important to understand how a Mac is different from a PC. You will find that the differences are not that big although the thought of switching to a new system may seem a bit scary.

Modern Mac hardware systems are so similar to PC’s that they are even able to, natively, run Windows. This way you can combine operating systems in a way most PC’s cannot even do.

Although Mac’s are generally perceived as ‘closed’ systems where upgrading is a hassle or not possible at all, this is not necessarily true. Mac hardware is indeed custom designed to by default run Mac’s OS X, but nevertheless have some aspects that can be improved. The following links explain all these questions and will help you get an inside into all things Mac.


MacBooks are the most popular kind of Mac hardware. This laptop model has seen quite some changes throughout the years and first saw the light of day as the iBook. The colorful line of models and clamshell-like shape characterized the iBook, which over time slowly developed into the model we all know today.

Modern MacBooks have been available in MacBook Pro’s, MacBook Air’s and classic MacBook’s, the latter being recently discontinued. MacBook users enjoy the durability and the fact that the hardware is stylish and designed to run with Apple’s own OS X operating system. These aspects combined help make Apple laptops as popular as they are today. These links provide you an overview on everything your need to know about MacBook’s.

Desktop Mac Hardware

Besides the extensive line of MacBook laptops, Mac hardware goes further and also offers a wide range of desktop models. Like with the laptop series, these desktop machines vary in strength, size and capabilities.

The smallest and perhaps ‘easiest’ model is the Mac Mini, which is only the size of an average stationary external hard drive. The infamous iMac models are perhaps the best-known models as they combine a screen and computer in one. The iMac goes far back as well, as they are part of the Apples’ revival in the late nineties.

The Mac Pro is the most powerful model and is often used professionally in the music, image and video processing industry. In any case, you will find an overview of the various Mac desktop models in the following set of links:

Yet to Come in Mac Hardware

With Apple you can never really be sure on what to expect next. If there is a company that knows how to keep their secrets safe, it is Apple. However, with the current trend being the merging of mobile and classic desktop computing, Mac hardware is sure to get thinner, faster and more interactive. The current line of Mac hardware is slowly becoming outdated and soon enough Apple will announce the various follow-ups. Whatever these upgrades may be, one thing is for sure, Mac hardware popularity is growing constantly and without a doubt the upcoming round of upgrades will only add to it!