Best Ever Linux Multimedia Apps

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Linux comes in vivid flavors, but here’s a string of all time favorite apps that have been the hot choice to date. We will be covering only the most popular multimedia-related apps in this article.

1. Sound Juicer

For those who need a quality CD/DVD ripper, Sound Juicer has been one of the most favorite apps. It can collect details about every song, including the album, artists, and other relevant stuff. You can even convert these music files into a different format after ripping them. So, forget the poor quality MP3 downloads offered online and rip your favorite songs with the Sound Juicer.

2. Blender for 3D animation

Moving on to 3D animation, Blender is one of the advanced apps useful for animation, modelling, rendering and much more. It is not a piece of cake for newbies and requires a good understanding to use it. However, for those who have trouble getting started, there’s a user manual and, of course, a number of online tutorials.

3. Open Movie Editor

Coming to the audio/video editing needs – the Open Movie Editor is an ideal replacement for the Windows Movie Maker in Linux environment. If you’ve been used the Windows Movie Maker, then you’ll have absolutely no problems as you can edit videos, audios, add effects, titles and do whatever you may want.

After using the Open Movie Editor, most likely, you’re not going to miss the things that you can do with the Windows Movie Maker anymore.

4. VLC

VLC is one of my all time favorite software in both Windows as well as Linux environment. It clearly scores over Real Player, Windows Media Player, and almost all the media players in the market. It won’t disappoint you whether you throw an audio file, an uncommon video file or anything else that you want to.

Not only is it light on your hard drive but also highly efficient. It even allows you to stream audios/videos, and later save them onto your hard drive. VLC presents the best full screen mode features, and there’s hardly anything for one to complain about. You can find more about VLC for Ubuntu, for Fedora, and for several other distributions at VLC’s website.


There are countless picture editors in the market, but when it comes to some serious graphics authoring needs, you either end up spending hundreds of dollars on programs like Adobe Photoshop in Windows environment (and its plug-ins too) or fail to find something better on Linux. But, the GIMP is yet another handy Linux freeware that can be used as a simple picture editor, or to perform advanced tasks such as creating icons, authoring graphics, cropping, and adding effects to pictures.

Another good thing about GIMP is that it is being constantly updated and, no wonder, because its popularity has been increasing with every release. There are countless plug-ins, filters, and brushes available for the program, to enhance its functionalities further.

6. Anime Studio 5

If you don’t mind purchasing apps in Linux, Anime Studio 5 Pro, is definitely something that you should consider. Priced at $199.99, a copy of Anime Studio 5 is enough to address all your 2D animation creation needs, allowing you to import/export OBJ files, make use of special effects scripting, and do lot more.

It is a powerful commercial application that features almost everything that you can wish for, right from vector animation, advanced timeline controls down to layered animation and plenty of other advanced functionalities.

7. TV Time

You can not only just turn your Linux system into a jukebox, but also watch TV by making use of a TV tuner card and TV Time application. It can support different TV tuner cards, and the software is constantly updated.

You can get good support and comprehensive documentation (though you may not require it because operation is quite straightforward).

8. AcidRip

It is a straightforward app that helps a user to effortlessly copy DVDs onto digital video files with all kinds of video codecs like x264, XviD, MPEG, and the likes of them.

With AcidRip, you can control file size, sound quality, audio settings, and crop videos/audios and do lot more than you may want to. It is one of the best apps in its category, and definitely deserves a spot in the list of best ever multimedia apps for Linux. You can download AcidRip 0.14 here

9. AmaroK

Having seen the best apps for picture editing, music ripping, video streaming, now let us turn the attention towards some more music related stuff. We’ve covered almost everything, but aren’t we missing something – iPod support, indeed!

AmaroK is a great Linux alternative to iTunes, which comes with all the advanced music-related functionalities including iPod support. So, if you’ve been missing iTunes in Linux environment, then you can try AmaroK.

10. Utube-Ripper

Finally here’s another handy application that can help you grab your favorite YouTube videos and save them onto the hard drive of your PC on-the-fly.

If you’ve longing to save an interesting YouTube video, Utube-Ripper is the ultimate solution. Even if you want just the audio of a bulky video file, then this app can download just the audio file, too!

It is quite a sleek program, and comes with great ease-of-usage– no learning required; no complex stuff!

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