Logitech Wireless Keyboards: Reviewing Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard - The Best Ever Design, Astonishing Battery Life

Logitech Wireless Keyboards: Reviewing Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard - The Best Ever Design, Astonishing Battery Life
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The Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard is the most advanced of all Logitech wireless keyboards. It has a sleek design, advanced lithium ion technology for charging, and is most suitable for digital media enthusiasts.The keyboard measures 11 mm (H), 410 mm, (W), 210 mm

(D), supports Bluetooth 2.0 technology, and is equipped with advanced features for providing its users with the ability to easily and quickly play their favorite game, write a document, or do anything else with comfort.

The keyboard looks so sleek due to the plexiglass construction. When touched, the device catches a lot of fingerprints, and the texture is prone to attracting many smudges. But fortunately, a cleaning cloth is provided in the package, which you can use to bring back the shine of the keyboard.

The keystrokes are responsive and smooth, not too hard, not too soft. The diNovo Edge comes with an in-built mouse, called TouchDisc. It allows you to perform the on-screen navigation and scrolling. There is a volume slider at the right side of the keyboard. You can use it to control the system volume by simply sliding the finger.

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Features (5 out of 5)

The diNovo Edge incorporates the Perfect Stroke key mechanism which allows the keyboard to offer optimum and comfortable functionality to its users. The keyboard uses TouchDisc scrolling, which offers the functionality of a mouse. The TouchDisc allows the user to vertically and horizontally scroll through documents, spreadsheets, and web pages. There is a colored ring around the Touch Disk that glows when it is used.

There are left and right-click buttons below the TouchDisc. When simultaneously pressed, a popup menu opens up, displaying a list of active programs from which you can select. If you don’t need this feature, you can assign the double-press command to do something else.

When the function (Fn) button on the keyboard is pressed, a row of commands above the F-keys are illuminated, and there are fourteen different commands, including mail, home button, multimedia control, and some other commands that you can set using the provided software.

The keyboard comes with a stylish stand, made out of a high quality plexiglass. It behaves as a base as well as a charging station.

Logitech DiNovo Edge

The connectivity range of this keyboard is expansive, so you can control your computer from the couch. The keyboard also features a touch-sensitive volume controller, mute, zoom in/out buttons, 100% zoom, and a sleep button.

Logitech provides software with this keyboard. It lets you customize your options, something you would expect from a keyboard of this quality.

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Charging (5 out of 5)

It is the first keyboard to feature the advanced lithium ion technology. This technology uses rechargeable batteries, and these don’t lose power when they’re not in use. Not only this, with just a five minute charge, the keyboard gets a life of about one day, and with a complete charge of about two hours, the keyboard can work for two months. Amazing!!

The Verdict (5 out of 5)

The Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard stands out from the other Logitech wireless keyboards. It is the most stunning keyboard with many features that the other models lack. It is ideal for those who frequently play games and use word processing programs. Its price is a bit high - US $156.99, and it lacks a 10-key numeric keypad, which is the biggest flaw in the keyboard. But overall, it’s an excellent keyboard and recommended for consumers seeking an ultra modern wireless keyboard.

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