Fujitsu Lifebook N6: Install New Hard Drive with Step by Step Instructions

Fujitsu Lifebook N6: Install New Hard Drive with Step by Step Instructions
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Working Hard Drive Upgrade

Step by step instructions to upgrade the Fujitsu Lifebook N6: Install New Hard Drive with these simple directions.

  • Perform a backup prior to attempting to replace the hard drive by copying files to a USB flash drive, blank optical media, or network location.
  • Obtain and install a hard drive cloning software package such as DiscWizard by Seagate, or Acronis True Image WD Edition by Western Digital.
  • Connect a USB hard drive adapter to an available USB port on the laptop and attach the new drive to the cable.
  • Supply power to the drive using the wall adapter that came with the hard drive adapter and allow the operating system to install any necessary drivers, but do not format or partition the drive if prompted.
  • Launch the drive cloning software and choose “Disc Utilities” from the main menu. Click “Clone Disc” from the “Disc Utilities” menu.
  • Select the “Automatic” option for cloning and click “Next.” Select the source hard drive (existing drive) and the destination hard drive (new drive) and click “Next.”
  • If partitions are found on the destination drive the software will ask if it is ok to overwrite them.
  • Answering no will cancel the operation, so answer yes and continue.

Hitach 2.5” SATA Hard Drive

Replacing the Drive

  • Power down the Fujitsu Lifebook n6 series laptop and disconnect the power cord.
  • Disconnect any attached devices or cables.
  • Remove the battery from the computer and place the computer upside down on a hard surface, using a soft cloth if necessary to prevent scratching. Avoid putting too much pressure on the laptop, which can cause damage to the screen.
  • Locate the hard drive compartment cover near the center of the laptop and away from the hinge.
  • Remove the single screw that holds the compartment cover in place.
  • Slide the cover to the right about an inch to unlock it and then remove the cover from the computer to expose the hard drive.
  • Remove the two screws that are holding the hard drive cradle in the laptop.
  • Slide the hard drive cradle and hard drive about half an inch to the right and then lift it out of the laptop.
  • Lay the new hard drive next to the existing hard drive in the same orientation.
  • Remove the screws holding the hard drive cradle on the existing drive and transfer the cradle to the new drive, being sure to align it the same way on the drive.
  • Replace the screws and place the hard drive cradle and drive into the hard drive compartment and then slide the drive into place so that it makes a firm contact with the connectors.
  • Replace the screws that hold the hard drive cradle in place, and then replace the compartment cover and the screw that holds it in place.
  • Replace the battery and attach the power cord.
  • Boot the computer with an operating system disc or system restore disc in the optical drive in order to restore the operating system if necessary, or in the case of a cloned upgrade, just allow the system to boot.

You have sucessfully installed a new Hard drive into your Fujitsu Lifebook!