MSI Motherboard Drivers - Download Links and Support, and Contact

MSI Motherboard Drivers - Download Links and Support, and Contact
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Motherboard Drivers MSI - Resources

MSI does a fairly good job at making the driver downloads and updates easy to find. However, it’s still nice to be able to jump directly to a download page for your specific motherboard. The following resources will help you to find MSI support for your according motherboard quickly and easily.

MSI homepage - The MSI homepage is a good place to start if you need to select a specific language for browsing the site.

MSI downloads page - The MSI downloads page is the central hub for finding any firmware or motherboard updates. It also allows you to navigate to support pages for other MSI products. For example, MSI desktop graphics cards and even MSI PCs. MSI offers four major ways to search for updates for your MSI motherboard.

Option 1 is called live update, a new feature that allows MSI to auto detect your motherboard, and install needed updates automatically.

Option 2 allows you to use the more traditional method of doing a manual search to find your specific motherboard. Manual search involves selecting what type of product you have from the first drop down menu, and selecting any additional options from the second drop down menu. For this example, you will need to select Mainboards from the first drop down, and Intel or AMD from the second drop down, depending on what type of CPU you computer has. From there, you will be presented with even more drop down menus to help pinpoint your according motherboard. You will also need to select socket type, chipset, and model. From there, MSI will bring you to the download page for your motherboard, where you can download MSI motherboard drivers, updates, and new firmware (if applicable). You will need to select the Drivers tab, after which, MSI will display a list of all available drivers in the lower half of the screen.

Option 3 allows you to find MSI motherboard drivers by doing a basic search. Simply type in a search term such as model number or motherboard series, and MSI will automatically do a keyword search.

Finally, Option 4 allows you to use a guided search to find motherboard drivers. This process involves selecting Intel or AMD under the Mainboard heading. This will bring you to a new page that allows you to choose a specific model, in order to find drivers for your motherboard. For example, if you have an MSI Eclipse series motherboard, simply select Eclipse under the Model heading.

MSI motherboards product home - This page lists MSI’s current motherboard lineup, which could be helpful if you are not sure what model of motherboard your PC has.

MSI service page home - This page allows you to find support, request a return, contact MSI, and even access a forum, where you can get help from other MSI product owners, regarding your specific motherboard.