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It’s true: The holidays are just around the corner and shopping has already begun. To make your life a little easier and your loved ones smiles a little bigger, here are the top 5 hottest laptop computer gadgets:

The Lexar JumpDrive® 360 – This is the same high-performance USB Flash Drive that I use. The male adaptor slides safely into a rotating metal jacket when not in use, and its 4GB of memory space packs just enough of an extra boost to keep my hectic college life in order.

SanDisk Ultra® II SD™ and SDHC™ Cards – When your computer is on the go, your life is on the go, and SanDisk Memory Cards can keep up with today’s high-speed lifestyle. These cards fit most cameras and computers, and with 2GB cards starting at $20 and 32GB high-performance cards for just under $200, I find it helpful to keep a few memory cards stashed in my desk drawers, glove box, and purse.

The Black Box Store’s Retractable All-in-One USB Cable – When my partner first brought this home, I thought it was the most ridicules way to spend $30, but today I’m here to tell you that this is the most ingenious gadget on the market today. Need a specific size USB adapter? This gadget’s got it. With this handy tool you can fit any USB adapter into your computer.

A Battery Made by Your Computer’s Manufacturer – Batteries wear out over time, and you could be losing your charge and not even know it. Replacing your laptop’s battery can cost anywhere between $100 and $300, depending on what make and model you choose, and it’s best to buy direct from the manufacturer to insure that you are getting a compatible battery.

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