The Complete Bright Hub Home Networking Guide

The Complete Bright Hub Home Networking Guide
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Defining Home Networks and What They Can Do For You

A home network allows you to hook up all your computers, televisions, game consoles and other gadgets to a single Internet connection.

However, an excellent home network does not happen by accident. A successful network is the result of thorough knowledge combined with careful planning. Before you set up a network, spend time learning about what defines a network and what a network can do for you. This collection of articles and guides will help you build a solid foundation before attempting to install a network of your own.

Understanding Network Operation

We have defined a network and learned some history of networking. Now you should learn how a network operates. This section contains links to valuable Bright Hub articles that take you step-by-step through the basics of networking computers together at home. Time spent learning these important principles prepares you for a lifetime spent enjoying the benefits of home networking.

How to Build a Home Network

With a solid foundation of networking principles, you should now learn how to build a network. You can create something as simple as a two-computer network or you can build a network suitable for your home-based business. Prepare yourself for the task by reading these Bright Hub resources. The tips and tricks found here can help you manage Windows, routers and more. You can even learn how to make your home network eco-friendly. Learn it all from experts who have done it all before.

Setting up Wireless Networking at Home

Experience the true freedom of wireless networking. Before wireless, home networks needed wires. Cables ran through rooms, under

Wireless network

floors, between walls and in ceilings. Those days have come and gone thanks to wireless technology. You can now install a wireless router and share connectivity with devices all over the house with ease, without making a mess. Configuring the wireless part of a network can be tricky. Wireless technology adds security and connectivity concerns, so be sure to read these helpful articles before getting started.

Keeping the Bad Guys Out

Network security concerns every network, including those at home. In fact, home networks often have a bullseye on them because


hackers consider them as being less secure than corporate LANs. When hackers get into your network, you can lose your privacy, experience identity theft and become liable for criminal acts. For example, if your neighbor uses your network to download illegal content, your Internet provider could shut down your connection for abuse. Even worse, the police will come to your door looking for answers.

The best way to avoid problems is to create a secure network that keeps the bad guys out. No better place exists to learn practical home network security than Bright Hub. Read these common sense guides and learn how to create a safe home network.

Getting the Most from a Home Network

With your home network now in place, it’s time to use it. Here, helpful articles tell you how to store and access files across the network, stream music, add storage and connect your iPhone to your home network. You have worked hard building and securing your home network, so you deserve to benefit from it as much as possible.