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Wireless networking is literally what it sounds like; networking between devices without wires. Wireless networking allows a number of devices, from computers to printers and more, to use a wireless signal to be connected together, and usually, to the Internet as well.

Cisco-Linksys Wireless G router product imageBecause the network does not use wires between devices, portable devices can move around as long as they are in range of the wireless signal. All that is needed is a device, usually a router, broadcasting the signal, and wireless enabled devices to receive it. This allows laptops, netbooks, eBook readers and other devices to go to Internet cafes or other public places and use the signal there to connect to the Internet.

Learn about wireless networking at Bright Hub, with articles that teach you how to set up networks, troubleshoot any wireless networking problems, see reviews of the best routers, and understand different wireless networking protocols, as well as wireless networking security issues.

Cisco-Linksys Wireless G router product image.

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