Tablet Reviews: The Top 15

Tablet Reviews: The Top 15
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The following tablet reviews will not only give you an in depth look at what is available but will also inform you as to what can be expected from a tablet. It’s a common misconception that these computers are going to be the death of the laptop, but most still fall far short of the computing power of even netbooks. That being said, they are fantastic for use on-the-go.

Augen Tablet Review

We’ll begin our look at tablets with the Augen Tablet, a low cost option running Android. The Augen certainly is at the low end of the cost spectrum but even with the savings is not a great value. Reviewer Steve McFarlane gives you the skinny on this diet tablet.

A Closer Look at the ASUS Tablet PC Lineup

Asus has positioned itself smack dab in the middle of the value tablet marketplace. This look at the entire lineup covers both their budget friendly tablets and newly released convertibles. Everything you need to know to make the best choice in ASUS products is here.

A Look at Acer’s New Consumer Tablet

Not to be left out of the lucrative tablet market, Acer has their own offering. Reviewer M.S. Smith offers his take on yet another tablet in an already crowded market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Review - The Tab Grows

The Samsung Galaxy was an early owner of the moniker “iPad Killer” but the first offering didn’t stand up to scrutiny. The Galaxy Tab 2 has made several cosmetic changes and has been given some changes to its operating system and hardware. Is this the true iPad killer, or just a worthy competitor?

Motorola Xoom Android Tablet Reviewed

The Motorola Xoom entered the market with all kinds of hype. Does it live up to it? Is this the right tablet for you? In this review Christian Cawely covers the Xoom specs as well as how it compares to the industry leading iPad.

Review of the BlackBerry Playbook

The RIM Playbook was hampered by several hardware and software issues that pushed its release back time and again. Now that it is out on the market, and selling poorly, is it worth the inflated price tag? Here we look at the good, the bad and the ugly.

Dell Streak 7 Preview

Does the Dell Streak have what it takes to knock the competition on its butt? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a look. Check out this comprehensive review to see where it falls in with the current competition.

The Notion Ink Adam: A Dream turned Digital

Although this tablet hasn’t received the media love that the big boys at Samsung, Dell and Motorola have, insiders have been anticipating this one from the get go. The Adam might be the best tablet you’ve never heard of and is more than worth a closer look.

Apple’s iPad Hardware and Software Review - Is It Really Just a Big iPhone?

Is the iPad just a really big iPhone or is it something more? Check out the current specs and capabilities as well as who should and who shouldn’t invest in this ultra popular tablet.

Is the TouchPad Really that Bad?

Why did HP abandon the HP TouchPad? Was it really that terrible? Not so says reviewer Christian Cawley and it looks like he may be right. After the $100 blowout sales of the TouchPad HP fired up the lines for a second run.

How to Pick the Right iPad Model for You

Which iPad is the best one for you? Do you really need the dual cameras and the minor upgrades from version 1? This comparative look at the iPad will give you solid footing when choosing one that meets (but doesn’t exceed) your needs.

A Closer Look at Sony’s Upcoming S1 and S2 Tablets

Sony almost missed the bus when it came to the tablet revolution. Luckily they did jump on board and have two tablets slated for release this year. Check out our first look at these possible game changers in a Bright Hub preview.

Lenovo ThinkPad X200/X201 Convertible Tablet Review

While this isn’t a pure tablet, the Lenovo is an amazing piece of machinery. The specs on this put traditional tablets to shame but at the cost of bulk. If you are looking for a business grade tablet this one is worth a look.

Shopping for a Tablet PC? Choose the Best Display

Tablet PCs are coveted for their crystal clear displays, so how can you tell if you have purchased one worth its salt? This guide will help you choose the best tablet for your display needs as well as give you tips on how to keep it clean and functional.

Convertible Tablet PCs: Which is the Best?

Are you looking for a convertible tablet? If so, this guide will point you in the direction of the best choices in the marketplace today. These three tablets are the crème de la crème of the laptop world, offering both the tablet look and the laptop feel.

Buying a Tablet for School? Think Again!

Before you dive right in and buy that $400 tablet for school check out the specs. It may not be the right purchase for you. Yes they are ultra cool but for students’ needs they are both pricey and fail to meet your needs.

After checking out these comprehensive tablet reviews you should be able to make the best purchase in tablet computing. Just because the specs look good on paper doesn’t mean there could not be some deep seeded hardware issues that prevent you from doing what you want with your new toy, which is why these reviews are so important.


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