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When you’re in the market for a serious computer mouse spending the extra cash can yield extraordinary results. Gone are the days of two button rolling-ball mice that simply point and click – today’s mice are fast paced laser pointers complete with programmable buttons, hyperresponse systems that operate on a 2.4 GHz Wireless connection or with Bluetooth technology. If you’re serious about buying a mouse than look no further than my picks for best computer mice over $50.[*]

The new Logitech Mx Air is not only the most expensive mouse on the list, but is also has the sleekest design of any mouse I’ve seen. This unit senses the user’s movement as they hover above,making this “Air” feature almost space age and very worth playing with. I especially enjoy any wireless mouse that recharges and this one is said to pack a punch.

Razer, my favorite choice for gaming mice, remains on top of the gaming game with the Lachesis. I have hardcore RPG friends who swear their performance is enhanced with this mouse, and with 9 programmable buttons, laser sensors, and a hyperesponse system that you have to see to believe, I see why.

Winning my choice for best laptop mouse over $50, the Microsoft Presenter is a great choice for professionals. The mouse is both Bluetooth enabled and has a USB wireless router (in case you’re in the middle of a cross over). As a student, I find the media remote control and laser pointer perfect for presentations, but the highlight of this mouse is in its built in slide show presenter which lets users store presentations and share them with any computer.

Microsoft does it again with their Mobile Memory Mouse. This wireless mouse uses USB wireless technology and contains a built in 1 GB flash drive compatible with any Microsoft or Windows program.

Second only to the 3M Resistance Vertical Mouse in comfort and design, the Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse is the most ergonomic “traditionally” designed mouse I’ve ever wrapped my hand around. With all the bells and whistles that Microsoft brings to their wireless laser mice, this unit’s shining feature is its palm-of-your-hand grip.

My Mac friends gush over this smaller than small mouse. Apple manages to cram four customizable button and 360 degree scrolling into this petite Bluetooth enabled model. Perfect choice for portability.

Tired of dragging around that bulky mouse wherever you go? The MoGo Presenter Mouse weighs just over a pound and fits conveniently into an existing ExpressCard slot, flips out when you needed it, and charges when you don’t. The MoGo Presenter works like a laser mouse and has the same right/left click and scrolling features as traditional models, and because this mouse is also a Bluetooth enabled presenter tool, professionals can easily switch between functions to take advantage of the laser pointer, the slide changer, and the start/escape buttons up to 30 feet away.

Advertised as “accessible and affordable for architects, artists, [and] students, (, 2008)” this 3D mouse defines three dimensional cursor movements by allowing users to pan, zoom, and rotate through three dimensional programs like the pros. The Space Navigator is especially astounding when used with Google Live Earth.

3M brings ergonomic design full throttle with the most comfortable mouse I’ve ever used. Throw out your old notions of what a mouse looks like ’cause this one sits upright and allows users to comfortably grip its joystick the way nature indented. Clinically proven to help frequent users care for and prevent musculoskeletal disorder, repetitive stress injuries, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Sneaking in with a $50 price tag is the Logitech Nano. The Nano runs on a 2.4GHz wireless connection, and with its cordless design and laser precision, it is hard not to love this small and portable mouse.


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