Free Church Postcard Templates: Reach Your Community With These MS Publisher Templates
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8 Free Church Postcard Templates

written by: •edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 3/27/2011

Use these church postcard templates for Microsoft Publisher to reach out to your community and notify members of upcoming events. The templates are simple to modify and tailor to your ministry.

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    Acceptance Theme Postcard Template

    Church Postcard Templates: Accepted 

    Displaying your church body's accepting nature is an effective way to reach out to the unchurched in your community. These church postcard templates exemplify your caring community at a glance. The front of the postcards show several hands piled atop one another, each one obviously belonging to a unique individual with the words "Accepted... Just as you are!" The reverse side of the postcards includes text boxes into which you can type your church’s name and address, your recipient’s name and address and a message to your recipient as well. There is also a placeholder for postage, which you can change or remove if you use bulk mailing. The template prints four postcards per page.

    Download Page: Acceptance Theme Postcard Template

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    Church Postcard Template: Confused?

    Church Postcard Templates: Confused? 

    The world has questions. The Bible has answers. Let people know your church is there to help them find a way past their confusion with this postcard template. The front of the postcard shows a puzzled man with a jumble of question marks behind him and the word "Confused?" in front of him. The back of the postcard has customizable text boxes for your church’s name and address, your recipient’s name and address and another text box with sample text reading, "The Bible has answers. Join us as we discover them." The template prints four postcards per page.

    Download Page: Church Postcard Template: Confused?

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    Discover Joy Church Postcard Templates

    Church Postcard Templates: Discover Joy 

    This is the day that the Lord has made! Let the people in your community know that they, too, can have peace and joy with this simple yet meaningful postcard. The front of the postcard features a woman smiling up at the sky with the words "Discover Joy" running down the left side. Like the rest of the church postcard templates listed here, the back of this postcard features text boxes for addresses and a message. The template prints four postcards per page.

    Download Page: Discover Joy Church Postcard Templates

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    Bible Excitement

    Church Postcard Templates: Good News 

    The picture on this postcard speaks a thousand words. A young boy sits on his bed with an open book on his lap and a joyously excited expression on his face. The back of the postcard reads, "Join us as we discover the exciting good news of God’s Word." Of course, you can customize the text to suit your purposes.

    Download Page: "Good News" Church Postcard Template

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    A Postcard for Growing Families

    Church Postcard Templates: Grow 

    Let people know that your church is a place where entire families can grow together. This postcard features an image of a parent and child cupping soil with a budding plant growing out of it. It also has the words, "Looking for a place where your whole family can grow?" in a lovely script across the front. The back of the postcard has the sample message, "Join us as we grow together through God’s Word." The template prints four postcards per page.

    Download Page: Church Postcard "Grow" Message

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    Announce Your Prayer Ministry

    Church Postcard Templates: Prayer 

    If your church has a special prayer ministry or you simply want to let neighbors know that you will be pleased to pray with and for them, you might appreciate this template. The front shows a small child in prayer alongside the words, "Prayer works." Included with the text boxes for contact information on the back is the sample text, "How can we pray for you?" The template produces four postcards per page.

    Download Page: Church Postcard Prayer Theme

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    Share the Good News

    Church Postcard Templates: Share This postcard might encourage your members to share the good news and invite others to church. The front of the postcard shows a smiling man sharing a secret with an equally happy woman. The words, "Have you heard the Good News?" are in purple across the bottom. Customize the back of the postcard with your church's contact information and personalized message.

    Download Page: Church Postcard Sharing Theme

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    Thirst No More!

    Church Postcard Templates: Thirsty 

    The final offering in this list of free church postcard templates features an adorable toddler drinking from a gushing garden hose with the words, "Thirsty? Boy, can we hook you up!" on the left side. Along with the standard text boxes on the back is sample text reading, "Come and get it! 'But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.' John 4:14"

    Download Page: Church Postcard Thirsty Theme

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    Check out the Microsoft Publisher Tips library for more Publisher help and templates. Have an idea for a new template you would like to see? Leave a message in the Comments section below!

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