The Basics of The Big Bang Theory

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Basic Idea of the Big Bang

The Big Bang Theory is a concept that provides an explanation how the universe was created. Without any religious considerations or any biased personal beliefs, this is the nearest theory we can get based on scientific observation and analysis.

The main idea of the Big Bang Theory is that the universe actually came into existence when a primordial start of elemental condition started to expand in the past. This condition is composed of very hot and dense initial state which catapulted in expanded direction that allowed the volume to increase and created the universe. The expansion was thought to be initially rapid and even instant. Some scientists even proposed that the “bang” catapulted space materials nearly or more than the speed of light. As the initial expansion lengthens and loses its momentum, the spreading out gradually decreases.

Georges Lemaitre is considered to be the proponent of the Theory as his presentation of assumptions supported mainly the idea. The model was basically patterned to the General Relativity Theory by Albert Einstein.

What Evidence Supports the Theory?

We may not be able to exactly confirm whether the Big Bang Theory is accurate or not. But based on the observations in the past, the universe is indeed expanding up to this very moment. Edwin Hubble’s discovery supports the idea of the Big Bang. He observed that some galaxies are accelerating outward and becomes farther away from our vantage point. The main concept is that, if the materials in the universe are staying away from each other at an expanded direction, then everything must have been closer together initially.

Another possible concept that supports the theory is the presence of abundant elements around us and in space. Hydrogen and Helium are both abundant in the cosmos. This only tells us that everything must have come from a variety of these two elements which are initially the main components of that initial condition before the universe was born.

Understanding the Universe

It would be very difficult to come up with a reason why the universe was created. As of the moment, all we have is a tiny speck of knowledge based on a theory that the universe had a “blasting” action. The Big Bang Theory may be the only sufficient notion to at least appreciate the universe’s existence.