Interesting Facts About the Constellation Scorpius

Interesting Facts About the Constellation Scorpius
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The Facts

1. Image of: A scorpion – a giant spider with a long tail which is extremely poisonous.

2. Right ascension: 15H 40m to 17H 50m

3. Declination: -45.50 to -8 degrees

4. Quadrant: SQ3

5. Latitudes visible at: Between +40 degrees and -90 degrees

6. Time best visible: At 21:00 in July

7. Area of sky covered: 497 square degrees

8. Rank in constellation size: 33rd

9. Notable and Named Stars: Alpha Scorpii (Antares, Qalb al-Aqrab, Vespertilo), Beta-1 Scorpii (Acrab, Graffias), Delta Scorpii (Dschubba, Al Jabba, Iclarkrau), Epsilon Scorpii (Wei), Theta Scorpii (Sargas), Iota-1 Scorpii (Apollyon), Kappa Scorpii (Girtab), Lyambda Scorpii (Shaula), Mu-1 Scorpii (Denebakrab), Nu Scorpii (Jabba, Lesath), Pi Scorpii (Vrischika), Sigma Scorpii, Tau Scorpii (Alniyat), Omega Scorpii (Jabhat Al-Acrab) ,

10. Other objects in the constellation: M4, M6 (NGC6405), M7 (NGC6475), M63, M80 (NGC 6093), NGC6231

11. Brightest star: Alpha Scorpii (Antares), with an apparent magnitude of 0.96)

12. Nearest star: HD 1563840, about 22.74 light-years away

13: Meteor showers: Alpha Scorpids, Chi-Scorpids, Omega-Scorpids

14. Mythology: In Greek mythology, the Scorpion is believed to have been sent by the goddess Gaia (or by Apollo, with the aid of Artemis who was offended by Orion trying to rape her or her servants, in other version) to hunt Orion. When the Scorpion shines – the Orion begins to fade – symbolizing either the retreat or the surrender of the latter.

15. Historical significance: In other Greek myth, the scorpion was responsible for scaring the horses when Phaeton (son of Helios, god of Sun) took his father’s chariot.

16. Symbolic significance: In Chinese mythology the Scorpion is a part of the Azure Dragon constellation, whose appearance symbolizes the start of the spring.

17. Position in the Zodiac: Eighth.

18. Traits associated with Scopio in astrology: passion, self-confidence, determination, imagination


Other Interesting Stories

In Tarot cards, the Scorpion is believed to be the Death Card.

The Sun is placed inside the Scorpius constellation for only one week in a year – from 23 to 30 November.

Beside Antares, there are 12 stars that are classified “the brightest” – notable among them are: Lambda Scorpio (Shaula, apparent magnitude of 1.62) and Theta Scorpii (Sargas, 1.86).

Famous People

Here are some notable people who were born under the sign of scorpio:

Pablo Picasso, Bill Gates, Hilary Clinton, Theodore Roosevelt, Marie Curie, Albert Camus, Richard Burton, Kurt Vonnegaut, Robert Stevenson, Naida Comanenci, Marthin Luther, Indira Ghandi, Voltaire, Andre Gide, Danny DeVito.



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