3D Software Used In Advanced Medical Imaging

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In recent years, innovative and cutting edge software has been developed to aid physicians in ways that were once used only thought of in science fiction novels and movies. Fortunately, this technology is now available and in fact, is being used right now by hospitals and specialist clinics across the globe.

One leading Dutch software development company, has been at the front of producing these software applications for advanced medical imaging. Their developments in 3D software are based on standard PC technology. They have taken 3D technology used in latest computing gaming and combined it, for use in the medical imaging field. These valuable yet affordable applications have been designed and implemented in many radiology and surgery departments throughout the world. The result of this, has been a tremendous asset to physicians, because it supports not only their existing workflow, as well as providing a new level of functionality in medical imaging techniques in 2 dimensions, 3 dimensions. This amazing medical imaging power has already provided clinically proven and affordable PC solutions, that are accurate and compatible with all CT and MRI scanners.

A version of the 3D software, which was specifically designed for use in the radiology field, has allowed radiologists to deliver accurate results in an efficient and fast manner to medical specialists. The software has been very beneficial in accommodating the increasing demand for 3D images to facilitate treatment planning. The software application has an intricate set of features, with annotations and areas of interest, with are both interactive and used through presets. It also has all kinds of intelligent 2D and 3D functions that make communication and collaboration with other specialists very easy. The software products provide everyday tools, which can speed up the diagnosis of a patient and facilitate the communication with referring physicians. It can be used as a stand alone application, or can be fully integrated within a physician’s existing workstation. This 3D software includes applications, specifically for the analysis of thorax, vascular, abdominal and cardiac regions.

The surgery vascular imaging software is such a valuable asset, because it can be enabled to detect aneurysms in the abdomen and thoracic area. Along with the visual inspection of various calcification levels, this software application will allows the physician to carry out necessary measurements in few minutes.

Other software developers have produced amazing 3D medical imaging software, as well. In fact, there is new 3D imaging software that is being used by doctors in ultrasound procedures. Doctors say that examining the fetus in 3D, can provide them with much valuable information that they might not be able to get, with a typical 2D ultrasound. For example, when looking at a fetus in 3D, doctors may be able to better detect any signs of abnormalities, which may be otherwise out of sight. Many Doctors also predict that all medical machines will be equipped with 3D software and technology in the future; it just depends on how fast the technology advances and how effective it is proven to be. However, with all the 3D imaging software and technology available currently, it’s safe to say that the future of it will promise many benefits for the medical community, as well as for the patients.