Biophysics Experiments Used in Research

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Over the past years there have been many biophysicists as well as researchers and scientists that have been conducting research studies over the past years to be able to further advancethe knowledge that we have of biophysics and how it can be used. There is presently numerous research projects being done that are using biophysics and applying it to other areas in science also. Biophysics has been making a lot of advancements and leading to a lot of new discoveries in different areas of science. Studies and experiments conducted that employ applications of biophysics.

Georg Von Bekesy was a pioneering researcher that made remarkable discoveries revoloving around the cochlea when he conducted biophysics experiments. Bekesy developed a method that allowed for the dissection of a part of the ear without completely disturbing the rest of the ear. His experiments were conducted using methods such as silver flake markers and strobe photography. He found that the part of the ear that is called the basilar membrane actually moves in waves when it is impacted by different sounds. He found that the way the cochlea is structured that allows it to react like waves to different sounds and frequencies of those sounds.

He was able to conclude from his experiments that frequencies of sound are felt and expressed in areas of the cochlea and earbefore the brain receives the fibers. He additionally proposed that thelocationt of sensory cells found in areas of the cochlea can resond and react to corresponding frequencies.

Steven Chu is known for his biophysics experiments and research in laser cooling and the trapping of atoms. His most current research is related to the study of biological systems that occur at the single molecular level. His research and experiments in biophysics focus on atomic physics by developing methods to trap atoms using laser coolers. He has also expanded his research to include areas such as polymer physics. He conducts research on biological molecules and biological systems on the molecular levels.

There were also numerous studies conducted and many experiments done on the biochemistry and chemical components of nerves. Through biophysics experiments scientists are able to find structural properties of cell synapses.

Experiments applying biophyiscs have also helped future research and development in biophysics from their work and contributions to science. One experiment that was conducted showed there are numerous DNA bases in the genetic code. These three bases are linked to amino acids and have helped further research in gene expressions.

By injecting a component like Proflavin into the DNA, it was shown to demonstrate mutation in between the bases of the DNA, which resulted in deletion, and insertion of a single pair. Mutants with two or four nucleotides were found to be not functional. This experiment helped to prove that genetic code uses three DNA bases that correspond to an amino acid. There have been and continue to be many different discoveries and uses for biophysics and the role that it plays in science.