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Many people desire the stability of a career in the high demand health field, but don’t see themselves working in a hospital day after day. The good news is that many medical science careers allow health care professionals to travel or work in a variety of settings on a per diem basis. One of these careers is that of a traveling radiology tech. These medical professionals are vital to the smooth operation of radiology departments in hospitals, private imaging facilities, and long-term care facilities. With a good salary and opportunities for travel, the traveling radiology tech may be the right career for you.

Traveling Radiology Tech Job Responsibilities

Performing x-rays is the main function of the radiology tech career. However, there are a lot of responsibilities associated with taking x-rays such as following physician orders, preparing patients for x-rays, positioning patients properly, manipulating x-ray equipment into position, and capturing the images requested by physicians. These responsibilities may require heavy lifting and the ability to work with bulky objects. Radiology tech professionals should also be able to interact with a wide variety of people since they will be working with many patients each day.

Traveling Radiology Tech Education

Most states require certification in order for a traveling radiology tech to become employed. This certification can be obtained once a radiology tech has completed an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Radiology tech programs usually include a combination of classroom learning with practical experience so that students can develop skill in working with radiology equipment and deadling with patients. Traveling radiology tech professionals can get additional education in order to become MRI technicians, CT technologists, or nuclear medicine technologists.

Traveling Radiology Tech Salaries

The salary range of a traveling radiology tech will vary based on a number of factors. If extensive travel is required, the radiology tech may be paid more to compensate for their time. Radiology tech professionals who have additional education beyond the required minimum may be offered more money to reward them for completing additional courses. An average salary for a traveling radiology tech ranges from $42,000 to $49,000 in the United States. Traveling radiology tech professionals may also be reimbursed for their mileage or provided an allowance for meals and tolls.

With the opportunity for daily travel and the ability to work with different people each day, consider the traveling radiology tech career if you want to work in the medical field without being confined to the same place each day.

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