How do I Become an EEG Technician?

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How to Become an EEG Technician

Becoming an EEG (Electroneurodiagnostic) Technician is entering into a career as a medical professional who uses a specialized piece of diagnostic equipment called an electroencephalograph to record and study a patient’s brain waves and nervous system under various forms of stimuli that the EEG technician administers. The results of such tests can determine the presence of certain neurological conditions such as epilepsy, brain tumors and specific sleep disorders.

How to Become an EEG Technician: EEG Tech Duties and Responsibilities

An EEG typically works in a hospital environment or diagnostic center. There are many responsibilities to consider when considering how to become an EEG Technician. Upon being trained to use an electroencephalograph, the EEG tech will be responsible for setting appointments with patients, obtaining the patients’ medical history and providing explanation to them regarding the EEG procedure and preparations for the procedure that will be required of the patient. Just prior to the procedure, the EEG tech will paste metal disk electrodes to the patients scalp. During the EEG, the tech will administer several forms of stimuli to the brain, including having the patient view flashing light patterns, or having the patient breathe deeply, inducing hyperventilation. The EEG then records specific brain wave activity during these activities, and the tech may also be responsible for initial review of the test results to highlight particulars for the attending physician to further diagnose. A typical EEG exam takes between 20 and 45 minutes, after which the EEG tech will be responsible for cleaning and storing the equipment.

How to Become an EEG Technician: Minimum Training and Education Requirements

In the past, many hospitals assist candidates in becoming an EEG technician by them with only a high school diploma and CPR certification, and would train them on the job. Increasingly, hospitals are requiring that candidates become an EEG technician before being hired for the position by having an associates or bachelor’s degree in a related health care field, in addition to the prior minimum requirements.

How to Become an EEG Technician: EEG Tech Advanced Training Recommendations

To become an EEG technician with a secure future and career advancement it is recommended that the EEG tech continue in his certifications to become a Registered Electroencephalographic Technologist through the Board of Registration of Evoked and Electroencephalographic Potential Technicians. Additional requirements necessary to be qualified to take the certification’s oral and written exams include at least 3 years as an EEG Technician, or 1 year of experience in addition to a CAAHEP accredited associates degree. After becoming a certified EEG technician, the certification is for a ten year period and requires that the Certified EEG Tech obtain 30 hours of continuing education by the close of the fifth year. An additional 30 hours is required by the close of the tenth year, at which time he will retake the oral and written exams to extend his certification for another 10-year period. You now have the tools on how to become an EEG technician.

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