The Medical Benefits of Quiet Time

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Pamper Your Spirit

The Importance of Quiet Time

America is a land of chaos for many people. Our schedules are busy and multi-tasking is the norm for many people. We are chained to our desks even when we are not at work via technology like the Blackberry and wifi computers that allow us to be connected to the office network at all times. Our cities are getting louder with car horns blaring and music wafting up from boom boxes on the street.

Thus, it is more important than ever to find quiet time on a daily basis. “That’s impossible” you may be thinking. Many people are so consumed with obligations of family, work, socializing and chores that weeks pass without any time to focus on one’s state of mind or to find time for exercise or quiet time. Stress levels increase when one is constantly running to and fro on a treadmill of obligation and neglecting the need for spiritual healing and peace.

It is crucial to build some quiet time into one’s daily schedules. Quiet time helps the body relax and may lower blood pressure and heart rate. It allows the mind to find creativity and joy. There are many ways to find quiet time. Even ten minutes a day of peaceful time when one relaxes, perhaps closes the eyes or meditates, and allows the mind to relax and free itself of the stress of obligations is crucial to having a body that functions at its best.

Get Up Early

One way to find quiet time is to get up anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour early. The early morning hours are wonderful for finding quiet time. When the world is still quiet sip some tea or meditate, or walk the garden to admire the day coming to life. Take a little less time for sleeping and work some quiet time in as the day starts. You will be able to think back to that experience all day as stress strikes.

Take Time to be Quiet at Lunch

Take some time to yourself at lunch. Break up your work day with some quiet time. You may want to meditate outside on a bench or at your desk at work. You could also use part of your lunch hour for a walk outside. Help your body relax via feeling the sunshine, breathing in fresh air, and getting your energy flowing by taking a walk. Sometimes, just stepping out of the office building allows your body to relax. So find some time throughout the week to leave work at lunch. Pamper yourself with a break from the work environment and anywhere from 30-60 minutes spent alone and enjoying nature, taking a walk, or meditating.

Take a Break at Your Work Desk

If work is feeling particularly stressful take a ten to fifteen minute break at your desk. Perhaps you could spray some natural air freshener like essence of lavender mixed with water to hydrate and freshen the air. You could also meditate at your desk or simply sit quietly. Take a break from the routine at work to energize your body and soul. You will then return to work much better able to focus on the tasks at hand.

Keep a Bowl of Fruit on Your Desk

Have a bowl of colorful fruit on your desk. Seeing objects from nature refreshes the mind. It is also fun to take a brief break for some quiet time as you eat a piece of fruit and think about the beauty of each part of the fruit. You may also occasionally get a small quiet time break when you notice a note someone left in the bowl of fruit. Coworkers who work late such as the tech department may leave the occasional funny note like “kidnapped your orange, owe you one” to let you know they “borrowed” a piece of fruit.

Hang Pictures of Nature at Home and Work

Frame some pictures of nature spots you adore at work and home. Take some time each day to look at them and remember how entrancing it was to see that view of nature. Use vacation photos or photos of spots you would like to visit. Look at the image and then close your eyes and let your body imagine what it would feel like to be in that place. View a photo to remove your mind from every day reality and savor the beauty of nature, even if just in your imagination.

Remember to pamper your spirit by finding some quiet time every day. Adding quiet time to your schedule helps you maintain emotional equilibrium and a positive outlook. Don’t scrimp on taking a few moments to yourself. Finding quiet time will help your body function at its best and be more creative and productive.


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