What is the Cost of a New Citation X Aircraft: Options and Standard Equipment

What is the Cost of a New Citation X Aircraft: Options and Standard Equipment
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The Cessna Citation X

$22 million. Yes, this is the answer to what is the cost of a new Citation X aircraft. It is without question that this aircraft is sold at an astronomical price tag and has a seriously wealthy clientele. But this does not mean that the Citation X is an overpriced infusion of metal and aerodynamics technology. In fact, a quick look at the indicated top speed is enough to wet appetites of businessmen, pilots and aircraft enthusiasts alike.

Mach .92. Yes, the Citation X is capable of a maximum cruising speed of 972 km/h, making this the fastest civilian aircraft to ever roam the sky. In fact, a 3,300-mile journey from Singapore to Tokyo will take only 6 hours. Yet, the Citation X is incredibly fuel efficient as well, and can cruise at a higher speed without excess fuel consumption, compared to other commercially available jets. All of this is made possible by the latest innovations in aerodynamic design and the Citation X seems to have them all.

Advanced Design

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The Citation X may look comon when viewed from the side but there is no mistaking that handsome, sleek profile. The design of the aircraft is clearly designed for speed while minimizing air friction. The pointed nose and swept back wing design is an indicator of this aircraft’s vast possibilities of achieving outstanding cruising speeds while still maintaining a balanced and smooth ride.

The wings are swept back 37 degrees, presumably more than what the competition has to offer, and this type of wing desing will enable it to cruise efficiently even at speeds of near Mach 1. In fact, computational fluid dynamics involved in the overall design of the Citation X enables it to remain stable even at low speeds and provides exceptional runway performance. The wing design produces less drag while enabling it to achieve outstanding fuel consumption. Expect an operating cost of 5.77 per mile, or $2704 per flight hour at a fuel cost of $4.50 per gallon.

Powerplant Technology

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Like any top of the line sports car, the powerplant of the Citation X is worthy of consideration as these provide the best thrust to weight ration in the long line of commercially available business class jet engines. The pair of Rolls Royce AE3007C1 turbofan engines enable the Citation X to fly the farthest distances at the fastest cruising speeds while consuming less fuel than the competition. While an aeronautical engineer will be better off explaining the technological marvels involved in the manufacture and design of the Rolls Royce engine, it is safe to say that when it comes to performance and economy, no other aircraft in its class comes close to the Cessna Citation X.


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The beauty and functionality of the interior is further testament to the word luxury. If you want to know what is the cost of a new Citation X aircraft and how this price will be reflected in the interior, then you will find one of the most opulent and spacious cabins available on this side of the world. The 8 to 12 seater aircraft boasts of luxurious leather appointments and can be configured in a variety of ways, depending on the needs and demands of the buyer. Adequate space is matched by a whisper quiet interior environment that each and every business class traveller will love.

The Cessna Citation X is the preferred choice of those who need not compromise safety, speed and comfort in their business travels. This is the best choice for the businessman and dedicated aircraft enthusiast with the money to afford it.

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