How to Compute the Cost of Charter Jet Travel on a Per Mile Basis

How to Compute the Cost of Charter Jet Travel on a Per Mile Basis
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Charter Jet Expenses

If you plan to use a private or charter jet for personal or business purposes, it is best to come up with a computation on the total cost of charter jet travel to decide if this cost is worth the travel time and speed in reaching your desired destination. It would be unfair to presume the total cost of charter jet travel is similar to that of a car, as an airplane will use more fuel over a given distance. But take into account the speed in which you traverse the sky and the drastically reduced travel time you have to endure, and using a charter jet might prove to be a reliable solution for all your air travel needs.

Understand the fact that the total cost will depend on a variety of factors, such as the intended destination or distance and the kind of aircraft that you wish to use. Fuel prices are also an important factor to consider because no matter how near or far your destination may be, the aircraft needs to consume fuel and the higher price will lead to higher costs as well.

Cost of Charter Jet Travel

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There are a lot of charter jets to choose from and a charter company will offer you a wide array of choices when it comes to selecting the aircraft for your air travel. As mentioned above, the type of aircraft that you prefer will be a determining factor in figuring out the cost of charter air travel. Let us use the Cessna Citation X as an example. The Citation X is a revolutionary super midsize jet that can carry 8 to 9 passengers in near Mach 1 speeds. The Cessna official website states that the cost per mile rating of the Citation X is around $5.77, given the price of fuel at the $5.50 per gallon mark. The cost of operation is rated at an average of $2,704 per hour. But these facts are based on actual ownership and do not reflect the current prices for charter jet travel.

Charter jet companies charge around $3,950 for a one way trip using the Citation X, with a round trip cost of around $4,600. This figure applies to a minimum of 2 hours jet travel when renting the airplane. A quick example would be a non stop flight from Los Angeles to New York. If you were to fly a commercial airplane, it would take you at least 5 to 8 hours, probably including the waiting times at the airport, at a cost of around $200 to $300 for a roundtrip ticket. A chartered Cessna Citation X will yield a cost of around $20,000 for the same destination flying non stop. The all inclusive figure includes on-flight catering services as standard and will only take an average of 4 hours. The cost per mile is then computed by: Total Cost of Charter / Distance Travelled

$20,000 / 2462 miles (distance from LA to New York) = $8.12 per mile


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It is clear that bearing the cost of charter jet travel is reserved for the moneyed folk or the fast rising R&B and hip hop stars of the music industry. But if speed and comfort is of the utomost concern, then nothing comes close to chartering a jet for your next personal or business endeavor. The luxurious cabin appointments and impressive space will lead you to believe that this is the best way to traverse the friendly skies. It is important to know that chartering a jet is considerably more expensive due to the convenience features that it is capable of offering without the usual costs (depreciation, hiring a pilot, aircraft maintenance, etc.) associated with aircraft ownership.

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